too much
maybe 10 over the last 35 years
My wife insisted I buy new clubs this year for my 60th birthday since I had used hand me downs my whole life. I mildly protested but shucks I gave. I’m playing Tommy Armour 845 Max which are supposed to be super forgiving clubs. What I’ve learned is that no matter how super forgiving the clubs are, you still have to hit the ball before the ground or it just doesn’t matter.
Once I drove right into the back of the ladies tee marker, causing a ricochet that scattered the rest of my foursome who were standing "safely" behind me.
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Columbus Bratish Open 20228/7/202210423rd$0
Columbus F.U. Open 20226/26/20229829th$0
Columbus The MGA 20226/5/202213241st$0
Columbus Rebel Beach Am-Am 20224/10/202212043rd$0
Columbus The Last Gasp 202110/3/202110527th$0
Columbus Douche Bag Invitational 20219/12/202111032nd$0
Columbus FORE! Championship 20218/8/202111635th$0
Columbus Bratish Open 20217/18/202111852nd$0
Columbus F.U. Open 20216/27/202113143rd$0
Columbus The MGA 20216/6/202111239th$0
Columbus The Bastards 20215/16/202111740th$0
Columbus Rebel Beach Am-Am 20214/18/202111447th$0
Columbus The Last Gasp 202010/4/202011727th$0
Columbus Douche Bag Invitational 20209/20/202011126th$0
Columbus FORE! Championship 20208/22/202012031st$0
Columbus Bratish Open 20207/26/202011731st$0
Columbus Rebel Beach Am-Am 20207/12/202011822nd$0
Columbus F.U. Open 20206/28/202011726th$0
Columbus The MGA 20206/7/202011629th$0
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