5' 10"
brassie, mashie and putter with a mind of its own.
19 strokes on 2 holes
Event Scores

All event scores played before Jan 1st, 2012 can be found on the User Golf Scores Tab.

10/7/202310734.4Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2023
09/9/20238919.6Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2023
08/12/20239324.1Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2023
07/15/202310937.8Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2023
06/24/202310027.7Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2023
05/27/20239625.7Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2023
04/29/202310226.8Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2023
09/17/20229221.9Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2022
08/27/20229828.2Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2022
08/13/202210633.4Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2022
07/16/202210429.5Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2022
06/25/202210633.4Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2022
04/30/20229621.8Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2022
10/9/20219624.3Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2021
07/31/20219120.2Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2021
06/26/202110128.8Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2021
05/22/202111034.7Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2021
05/1/202110630.2Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2021
04/10/202110838.6Event: Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2021
10/3/20209419.6Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2020
08/22/202010330.6Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2020
08/15/20209727.9Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2020
07/25/20209526.1Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2020
07/11/20209726.6Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2020
06/20/202010025.1Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2020
06/13/202010130.4Event: Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2020
05/30/202010431.3Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2020
10/5/20198819.2Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2019
08/24/20199120.2Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2019
08/3/20199520Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2019
07/13/20199927.4Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2019
06/22/20199324Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2019
05/11/201910535.2Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2019
04/27/201910126Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2019
10/6/201810534.4Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2018
09/29/201810834Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2018
08/11/201811137.9Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2018
07/21/201810433.2Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2018
06/16/201810226.8Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2018
05/12/201810936.7Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2018
04/14/201811541.2Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2018
03/17/20189323.2Event: Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2018
10/7/201710431.1Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2017
07/8/20179725.2Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2017
05/27/201711339.4Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2017
05/24/201710733.1Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2017
03/25/201710433.2Event: Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2017
10/8/20169829Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2016
08/27/201610030.7Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2016
08/13/20169624.1Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2016
07/16/201610028.4Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2016
06/4/201610034.2Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2016
05/14/201610332.5Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2016
04/16/201610632.5Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2016
03/26/201610433.4Event: Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2016
10/17/20159221.9Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2015
09/19/20159726.6Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2015
08/15/20159929.8Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2015
07/11/20159529.7Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2015
06/27/201510633.1Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2015
05/30/201510333.8Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2015
05/2/201511036.1Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2015
04/18/201511044.3Event: Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2015
10/25/201411338.2Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2014
09/13/201410029.6Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2014
08/16/201410432.2Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2014
07/12/20149226.5Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2014
06/7/20149928.3Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2014
05/10/20149829Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2014
03/22/201410434.9Event: Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2014
10/19/201310127.7Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2013
09/7/20139623.7Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2013
08/17/20138515.7Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2013
07/13/20139226.5Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2013
06/22/20138818.3Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2013
05/18/20139323.4Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2013
04/27/20139724.3Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2013
03/16/201311242.5Event: Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2013
10/27/201210732.9Event: Cincinnati The Last Gasp 2012
09/22/201210130.3Event: Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 2012
08/18/201210330.5Event: Cincinnati The MGA 2012
07/21/20129825.4Event: Cincinnati Bratish Open 2012
06/23/201210332.3Event: Cincinnati F.U. Open 2012
05/26/201210028.5Event: Cincinnati FORE! Championship 2012
04/21/201210733.4Event: Cincinnati The Bastards 2012
03/17/201210334Event: Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2012
Event Finishes
EventEvent DateScorePlace"Money"
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 202310/7/202310731st$0
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20239/9/2023895th$0.53
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20238/12/20239314th$0.06
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20237/15/202310927th$0
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20236/24/202310013th$0.07
Cincinnati The MGA 20235/27/20239616th$0.02
Cincinnati The Bastards 20234/29/202310221st$0
Cincinnati The MGA 20229/17/2022926th$0.53
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20228/27/20229818th$0
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20228/13/202210626th$0
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20227/16/202210415th$0.03
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20226/25/202210617th$0
Cincinnati The Bastards 20224/30/2022965th$0.39
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 202110/9/2021968th$0.25
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20217/31/2021919th$0.25
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20216/26/202110115th$0.03
Cincinnati The MGA 20215/22/202111027th$0
Cincinnati The Bastards 20215/1/202110623rd$0
Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 20214/10/202110822nd$0
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 202010/3/20209411th$0.07
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20208/22/202010317th$0
Cincinnati The MGA 20208/15/20209712th$0.06
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20207/25/20209512th$0.06
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20207/11/20209718th$0
Cincinnati The Bastards 20206/20/202010020th$0
Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 20206/13/202010119th$0
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20205/30/202010413th$0.06
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 201910/5/2019882nd$0.74
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20198/24/2019913rd$0.68
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20198/3/2019955th$0.67
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20197/13/2019999th$0.25
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20196/22/2019937th$0.38
Cincinnati The MGA 20195/11/201910516th$0.02
Cincinnati The Bastards 20194/27/20191019th$0.25
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 201810/6/201810516th$0.02
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20189/29/20181083rd$0.3
Cincinnati The MGA 20188/11/201811117th$0
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20187/21/201810419th$0
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20186/16/201810223rd$0
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20185/12/201810922nd$0
Cincinnati The Bastards 20184/14/201811525th$0
Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 20183/17/2018939th$0.25
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 201710/7/201710418th$0
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20177/8/20179712th$0.07
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20175/27/201711321st$0
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20175/24/201710715th$0.05
Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 20173/25/201710421st$0
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 201610/8/2016988th$0.22
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20168/27/201610011th$0.11
Cincinnati The MGA 20168/13/2016966th$0.53
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20167/16/201610011th$0.11
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20166/4/20161009th$0.3
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20165/14/201610311th$0.19
Cincinnati The Bastards 20164/16/201610616th$0.02
Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 20163/26/201610413th$0.05
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 201510/17/2015924th$0.36
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20159/19/2015977th$0.34
Cincinnati The MGA 20158/15/20159910th$0.2
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20157/11/20159514th$0.05
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20156/27/201510613th$0.07
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20155/30/201510316th$0.03
Cincinnati The Bastards 20155/2/201511014th$0.04
Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 20154/18/20151107th$0.26
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 201410/25/20141139th$0.14
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20149/13/20141009th$0.18
Cincinnati The MGA 20148/16/201410411th$0.12
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20147/12/2014927th$0.26
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20146/7/2014994th$0.46
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20145/10/2014988th$0.33
Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 20143/22/201410410th$0.19
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 201310/19/20131014th$0.2
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20139/7/2013962nd$0.51
Cincinnati The MGA 20138/17/2013852nd$0.68
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20137/13/2013924th$0.32
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20136/22/2013882nd$0.72
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20135/18/2013934th$0.76
Cincinnati The Bastards 20134/27/2013978th$0.35
Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 20133/16/201311214th$0.04
Cincinnati The Last Gasp 201210/27/20121075th$0.19
Cincinnati Douche Bag Invitational 20129/22/20121019th$0.21
Cincinnati The MGA 20128/18/20121037th$0.23
Cincinnati Bratish Open 20127/21/2012985th$0.28
Cincinnati F.U. Open 20126/23/20121036th$0.26
Cincinnati FORE! Championship 20125/26/20121002nd$0.5
Cincinnati The Bastards 20124/21/20121077th$0.26
Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 20123/17/20121034th$0.3
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