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Event Scores

All event scores played before Jan 1st, 2012 can be found on the User Golf Scores Tab.

06/23/20248917.6Event: Hobart The MGA 2024
05/19/20249025.1Event: Hobart The Bastards 2024
04/28/20249628Event: Hobart Rebel Beach Am-Am 2024
09/24/20239724.6Event: Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 2023
08/20/20239224.9Event: Hobart FORE! Championship 2023
08/19/202310134.9Event: Hobart Bratish Open 2023
07/23/202310226.9Event: Hobart F.U. Open 2023
06/18/20239121.3Event: Hobart The MGA 2023
05/21/20238823.5Event: Hobart The Bastards 2023
04/30/20239122.8Event: Hobart Rebel Beach Am-Am 2023
10/1/20229630.1Event: Hobart The Last Gasp 2022
09/16/20229121.2Event: Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 2022
08/7/202210026.5Event: Hobart FORE! Championship 2022
08/6/20229522.1Event: Hobart Bratish Open 2022
09/24/20219421.2Event: Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 2021
08/22/20219923.8Event: Hobart FORE! Championship 2021
07/18/20218719.5Event: Hobart Bratish Open 2021
07/4/20219827.5Event: Hobart F.U. Open 2021
05/23/20219324.1Event: Hobart The MGA 2021
10/11/20209630.1Event: Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 2020
09/13/20208714.3Event: Hobart The Bastards 2020
08/30/20209017Event: Hobart FORE! Championship 2020
07/19/20209119.5Event: Hobart Bratish Open 2020
06/14/20209627.5Event: Hobart F.U. Open 2020
05/24/20209020.4Event: Hobart The MGA 2020
10/13/20198319.9Event: Hobart The Last Gasp 2019
09/8/20199132.4Event: Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 2019
08/18/201910533Event: Hobart FORE! Championship 2019
07/21/20199124.7Event: Hobart Bratish Open 2019
04/7/20199424.7Event: Hobart The Bastards 2019
03/17/20199627.5Event: Hobart Rebel Beach Am-Am 2019
09/16/20189933.7Event: Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 2018
08/12/20189421.9Event: Hobart The MGA 2018
06/24/20188919.5Event: Hobart F.U. Open 2018
05/27/20188316.4Event: Hobart FORE! Championship 2018
09/10/20178420.7Event: Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 2017
08/13/20179825.9Event: Hobart The MGA 2017
06/18/20179925.1Event: Hobart F.U. Open 2017
05/21/201710124Event: Hobart FORE! Championship 2017
04/23/20178010.1Event: Hobart The Bastards 2017
Event Finishes
EventEvent DateScorePlace"Money"
Hobart The MGA 20246/23/2024891st$1.01
Hobart The Bastards 20245/19/2024904th$0.6
Hobart Rebel Beach Am-Am 20244/28/2024967th$0.33
Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 20239/24/2023973rd$0.58
Hobart FORE! Championship 20238/20/2023923rd$0.5
Hobart Bratish Open 20238/19/20231015th$0.35
Hobart F.U. Open 20237/23/20231023rd$0.56
Hobart The MGA 20236/18/2023915th$0.49
Hobart The Bastards 20235/21/2023882nd$0.68
Hobart Rebel Beach Am-Am 20234/30/2023912nd$0.6
Hobart The Last Gasp 202210/1/2022964th$0.24
Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 20229/16/2022914th$0.25
Hobart FORE! Championship 20228/7/20221004th$0.75
Hobart Bratish Open 20228/6/2022972nd$0.74
Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 20219/24/2021965th$0.34
Hobart FORE! Championship 20218/22/20211015th$0.38
Hobart Bratish Open 20217/18/2021892nd$0.53
Hobart F.U. Open 20217/4/20211003rd$0.4
Hobart The MGA 20215/23/2021957th$0.34
Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 202010/11/2020987th$0.28
Hobart The Bastards 20209/13/2020871st$1.1
Hobart FORE! Championship 20208/30/2020903rd$0.65
Hobart Bratish Open 20207/19/2020912nd$0.77
Hobart F.U. Open 20206/14/2020966th$0.49
Hobart The MGA 20205/24/2020902nd$0.68
Hobart The Last Gasp 201910/13/2019831st$0.56
Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 20199/8/2019912nd$0.46
Hobart FORE! Championship 20198/18/20191056th$0.5
Hobart Bratish Open 20197/21/2019912nd$0.77
Hobart The Bastards 20194/7/2019941st$0.95
Hobart Rebel Beach Am-Am 20193/17/2019966th$0.22
Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 20189/16/20181029th$0.21
Hobart The MGA 20188/12/2018973rd$0.49
Hobart F.U. Open 20186/24/2018923rd$0.52
Hobart FORE! Championship 20185/27/2018863rd$0.89
Hobart Douche Bag Invitational 20179/10/2017882nd$0.45
Hobart The MGA 20178/13/20171037th$0.39
Hobart F.U. Open 20176/18/201710510th$0.21
Hobart FORE! Championship 20175/21/201710711th$0.17
Hobart The Bastards 20174/23/2017832nd$0.84
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