Event Scores

All event scores played before Jan 1st, 2012 can be found on the User Golf Scores Tab.

10/8/20239728.1Event: Knoxville The Last Gasp 2023
09/17/202311643.7Event: Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 2023
08/13/2023DNFNAEvent: Knoxville FORE! Championship 2023
05/21/202311844.3Event: Knoxville The MGA 2023
06/19/20229422.4Event: Knoxville F.U. Open 2022
05/22/20229121.9Event: Knoxville The MGA 2022
04/24/20229726.9Event: Knoxville The Bastards 2022
09/12/20219931.9Event: Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 2021
08/15/20219626.7Event: Knoxville FORE! Championship 2021
06/20/20219725.3Event: Knoxville F.U. Open 2021
05/23/202111338.6Event: Knoxville The MGA 2021
04/11/20219930.6Event: Knoxville The Bastards 2021
09/13/20209726Event: Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 2020
08/16/20209725.3Event: Knoxville FORE! Championship 2020
07/12/202010629.1Event: Knoxville Bratish Open 2020
06/14/20209322.4Event: Knoxville F.U. Open 2020
05/31/202010739.6Event: Knoxville Rebel Beach Am-Am 2020
05/3/202010233.8Event: Knoxville The Bastards 2020
10/6/201910028.9Event: Knoxville The Last Gasp 2019
09/8/201910330.8Event: Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 2019
08/11/20199624.3Event: Knoxville FORE! Championship 2019
07/21/20198313.6Event: Knoxville Bratish Open 2019
06/16/20199224.1Event: Knoxville F.U. Open 2019
05/19/20199524Event: Knoxville The MGA 2019
04/28/20199425.6Event: Knoxville The Bastards 2019
03/31/20198717.3Event: Knoxville Rebel Beach Am-Am 2019
10/7/20188819.8Event: Knoxville The Last Gasp 2018
09/9/20189116.9Event: Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 2018
08/12/20188715.9Event: Knoxville The MGA 2018
07/15/20189523.4Event: Knoxville Bratish Open 2018
06/17/20188819.2Event: Knoxville F.U. Open 2018
05/20/201810434.5Event: Knoxville FORE! Championship 2018
04/22/20189628.8Event: Knoxville The Bastards 2018
03/25/20189426.4Event: Knoxville Rebel Beach Am-Am 2018
10/29/20179525.8Event: Knoxville The Last Gasp 2017
09/24/201710027.9Event: Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 2017
08/13/20179023.1Event: Knoxville The MGA 2017
07/9/201710438.8Event: Knoxville Bratish Open 2017
06/11/20178816.1Event: Knoxville F.U. Open 2017
05/28/20179830.8Event: Knoxville FORE! Championship 2017
04/2/201710229.9Event: Knoxville The Bastards 2017
03/19/20179931.5Event: Knoxville Rebel Beach Am-Am 2017
Event Finishes
EventEvent DateScorePlace"Money"
Knoxville The Last Gasp 202310/8/2023978th$0.28
Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 20239/17/202311627th$0
Knoxville FORE! Championship 20238/13/2023DNF26th$0
Knoxville The MGA 20235/21/202311821st$0
Knoxville F.U. Open 20226/19/2022946th$0.41
Knoxville The MGA 20225/22/20229110th$0.23
Knoxville The Bastards 20224/24/20229725th$0
Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 20219/12/20219913th$0.05
Knoxville FORE! Championship 20218/15/20219614th$0.06
Knoxville F.U. Open 20216/20/2021978th$0.34
Knoxville The MGA 20215/23/202111325th$0
Knoxville The Bastards 20214/11/20219917th$0
Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 20209/13/2020975th$0.53
Knoxville FORE! Championship 20208/16/20209715th$0.05
Knoxville Bratish Open 20207/12/202010616th$0.02
Knoxville F.U. Open 20206/14/20209310th$0.19
Knoxville Rebel Beach Am-Am 20205/31/202010728th$0
Knoxville The Bastards 20205/3/202010219th$0
Knoxville The Last Gasp 201910/6/201910217th$0
Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 20199/8/201910622nd$0
Knoxville FORE! Championship 20198/11/20199912th$0.09
Knoxville Bratish Open 20197/21/2019853rd$0.67
Knoxville F.U. Open 20196/16/2019947th$0.45
Knoxville The MGA 20195/19/20199716th$0.02
Knoxville The Bastards 20194/28/20199616th$0.02
Knoxville Rebel Beach Am-Am 20193/31/2019882nd$0.74
Knoxville The Last Gasp 201810/7/2018897th$0.3
Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 20189/9/2018914th$0.56
Knoxville The MGA 20188/12/2018871st$1.35
Knoxville Bratish Open 20187/15/2018957th$0.39
Knoxville F.U. Open 20186/17/2018885th$0.56
Knoxville FORE! Championship 20185/20/201810411th$0.18
Knoxville The Bastards 20184/22/2018969th$0.25
Knoxville Rebel Beach Am-Am 20183/25/2018945th$0.47
Knoxville The Last Gasp 201710/29/2017952nd$0.68
Knoxville Douche Bag Invitational 20179/24/201710010th$0.18
Knoxville The MGA 20178/13/2017901st$1.27
Knoxville Bratish Open 20177/9/201710416th$0.02
Knoxville F.U. Open 20176/11/2017882nd$0.9
Knoxville FORE! Championship 20175/28/20179811th$0.14
Knoxville The Bastards 20174/2/201710212th$0.07
Knoxville Rebel Beach Am-Am 20173/19/2017999th$0.19
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