The Wu
Too many to stink like this.
Outdated clubs, scuffed balls.
Having the chapters all-time melt "up" award.
Event Scores

All event scores played before Jan 1st, 2012 can be found on the User Golf Scores Tab.

07/6/202411139.2Event: Boston F.U. Open 2024
06/8/202411542.8Event: Boston The MGA 2024
05/18/202411951.1Event: Boston The Bastards 2024
04/27/202410937.1Event: Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2024
10/14/202311544.6Event: Boston The MGA 2023
10/7/202310838Event: Boston The Last Gasp 2023
09/17/202312550.4Event: Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2023
08/26/202310638.7Event: Boston FORE! Championship 2023
08/5/202310134.4Event: Boston Bratish Open 2023
07/8/202311538.6Event: Boston F.U. Open 2023
05/13/20239327.1Event: Boston The Bastards 2023
04/23/202313258.4Event: Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2023
10/1/202212049.7Event: Boston The Last Gasp 2022
09/17/202211138.5Event: Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2022
08/27/202210335.8Event: Boston FORE! Championship 2022
07/30/20229730.4Event: Boston Bratish Open 2022
07/9/202211135.1Event: Boston F.U. Open 2022
06/4/202210842.2Event: Boston The MGA 2022
05/14/202210639.7Event: Boston The Bastards 2022
04/30/202211441.6Event: Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2022
10/2/202111137.7Event: Boston The Last Gasp 2021
09/18/202111743.1Event: Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2021
08/21/202110234.9Event: Boston FORE! Championship 2021
07/24/202110336.4Event: Boston Bratish Open 2021
06/26/202111439.5Event: Boston F.U. Open 2021
06/5/202111745Event: Boston The MGA 2021
05/15/202112356.3Event: Boston The Bastards 2021
10/3/202011542.8Event: Boston The Last Gasp 2020
09/19/202011438.7Event: Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2020
08/29/202010128.1Event: Boston FORE! Championship 2020
08/8/202010333.1Event: Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2020
07/25/202010947.2Event: Boston Bratish Open 2020
07/11/202011239.8Event: Boston F.U. Open 2020
06/27/202010633.1Event: Boston The MGA 2020
06/13/202010436.8Event: Boston The Bastards 2020
10/12/201910838Event: Boston The Last Gasp 2019
09/7/20199928Event: Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2019
08/24/201910835.8Event: Boston FORE! Championship 2019
08/3/20198922.5Event: Boston Bratish Open 2019
07/6/201911540.4Event: Boston F.U. Open 2019
06/8/201910537.7Event: Boston The MGA 2019
05/18/201911543.1Event: Boston The Bastards 2019
04/27/201911744.4Event: Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2019
10/13/20189528.5Event: Boston The Last Gasp 2018
09/8/201812857.5Event: Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2018
08/25/201810227.6Event: Boston The MGA 2018
08/4/201810538.4Event: Boston Bratish Open 2018
07/7/201810432.7Event: Boston F.U. Open 2018
06/16/201810935.1Event: Boston FORE! Championship 2018
05/19/20189933Event: Boston The Bastards 2018
04/28/201810836.2Event: Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2018
10/7/201710735.4Event: Boston The Last Gasp 2017
09/16/201710437.8Event: Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2017
08/12/201712551.3Event: Boston The MGA 2017
07/15/201710639.4Event: Boston Bratish Open 2017
06/24/201710836.5Event: Boston F.U. Open 2017
06/3/201710330.1Event: Boston FORE! Championship 2017
05/13/201711648.6Event: Boston The Bastards 2017
04/22/201710937.1Event: Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2017
10/8/201611038.7Event: Boston The Last Gasp 2016
10/3/201611043.8Event: Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2016
08/6/201611340.4Event: Boston The MGA 2016
07/9/20169626.3Event: Boston Bratish Open 2016
06/18/201612246.6Event: Boston F.U. Open 2016
06/4/201610031.4Event: Boston FORE! Championship 2016
05/21/201610740Event: Boston The Bastards 2016
04/23/201611139Event: Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2016
10/10/201511139.1Event: Boston The Last Gasp 2015
09/19/201510942.8Event: Boston Douche Bag Invitational 2015
08/29/201510732.7Event: Boston The MGA 2015
08/1/20159731.1Event: Boston Bratish Open 2015
06/27/201510934.2Event: Boston F.U. Open 2015
06/13/201511545.7Event: Boston FORE! Championship 2015
Event Finishes
EventEvent DateScorePlace"Money"
Boston F.U. Open 20247/6/202411116th$0.02
Boston The MGA 20246/8/202411520th$0
Boston The Bastards 20245/18/202411916th$0.02
Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 20244/27/202410915th$0.02
Boston The MGA 202310/14/202311514th$0.05
Boston The Last Gasp 202310/7/20231089th$0.2
Boston Douche Bag Invitational 20239/17/202312517th$0
Boston FORE! Championship 20238/26/202310617th$0
Boston Bratish Open 20238/5/202310111th$0.1
Boston F.U. Open 20237/8/202311517th$0
Boston The Bastards 20235/13/2023938th$0.35
Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 20234/23/202313220th$0
Boston The Last Gasp 202210/1/202212011th$0.09
Boston Douche Bag Invitational 20229/17/202211116th$0.02
Boston FORE! Championship 20228/27/202210314th$0.07
Boston Bratish Open 20227/30/20229712th$0.07
Boston F.U. Open 20227/9/202211114th$0.05
Boston The MGA 20226/4/202210812th$0.07
Boston The Bastards 20225/14/202210613th$0.06
Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 20224/30/202211414th$0.03
Boston The Last Gasp 202110/2/202111116th$0.02
Boston Douche Bag Invitational 20219/18/202111716th$0.02
Boston FORE! Championship 20218/21/202110214th$0.07
Boston Bratish Open 20217/24/202110315th$0.04
Boston F.U. Open 20216/26/202111411th$0.11
Boston The MGA 20216/5/202111717th$0
Boston The Bastards 20215/15/202112318th$0
Boston The Last Gasp 202010/3/202011514th$0.04
Boston Douche Bag Invitational 20209/19/202011412th$0.08
Boston FORE! Championship 20208/29/20201019th$0.29
Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 20208/8/20201039th$0.25
Boston Bratish Open 20207/25/202010918th$0
Boston F.U. Open 20207/11/202011213th$0.05
Boston The MGA 20206/27/202010610th$0.21
Boston The Bastards 20206/13/202010411th$0.14
Boston The Last Gasp 201910/12/201910814th$0.04
Boston Douche Bag Invitational 20199/7/20199911th$0.15
Boston FORE! Championship 20198/24/201910810th$0.29
Boston Bratish Open 20198/3/2019894th$0.56
Boston F.U. Open 20197/6/201911517th$0
Boston The MGA 20196/8/201910515th$0.04
Boston The Bastards 20195/18/201911518th$0
Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 20194/27/201911724th$0
Boston The Last Gasp 201810/13/20189510th$0.12
Boston Douche Bag Invitational 20189/8/201812819th$0
Boston The MGA 20188/25/201810214th$0.05
Boston Bratish Open 20188/4/201810521st$0
Boston F.U. Open 20187/7/201810421st$0
Boston FORE! Championship 20186/16/201810912th$0.07
Boston The Bastards 20185/19/20189912th$0.07
Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 20184/28/201810817th$0
Boston The Last Gasp 201710/7/201710716th$0.02
Boston Douche Bag Invitational 20179/16/201710421st$0
Boston The MGA 20178/12/201712523rd$0
Boston Bratish Open 20177/15/201710621st$0
Boston F.U. Open 20176/24/201710816th$0.02
Boston FORE! Championship 20176/3/201710313th$0.09
Boston The Bastards 20175/13/201711626th$0
Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 20174/22/201710916th$0.02
Boston The Last Gasp 201610/8/201611017th$0
Boston Douche Bag Invitational 201610/3/201611019th$0
Boston The MGA 20168/6/201611324th$0
Boston Bratish Open 20167/9/20169615th$0.03
Boston F.U. Open 20166/18/201612223rd$0
Boston FORE! Championship 20166/4/201610016th$0.03
Boston The Bastards 20165/21/201610721st$0
Boston Rebel Beach Am-Am 20164/23/201611118th$0
Boston The Last Gasp 201510/10/201511117th$0
Boston Douche Bag Invitational 20159/19/201510920th$0
Boston The MGA 20158/29/201510715th$0.04
Boston Bratish Open 20158/1/20159716th$0.02
Boston F.U. Open 20156/27/201510916th$0.02
Boston FORE! Championship 20156/13/201511527th$0
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