Redmond, WA
6' 1.2"
The other side of a deuce
Nike driver permanently borrowed from neighbor, Speedblades, and The Magic Stick.
Playing through "the Shanks" during a HS tournament at Sahalee. Let's just say my stint on the Varsity squad was short-lived.
Event Scores

All event scores played before Jan 1st, 2012 can be found on the User Golf Scores Tab.

09/28/20199832.8Event: Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 2019
06/9/201910130.9Event: Seattle F.U. Open 2019
04/27/201910940.7Event: Seattle The Bastards 2019
03/30/201910434.8Event: Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 2019
10/13/201810130.9Event: Seattle The Last Gasp 2018
08/19/201810131.9Event: Seattle The MGA 2018
07/14/201810129.2Event: Seattle Bratish Open 2018
04/28/201810132.9Event: Seattle The Bastards 2018
03/17/20189829.8Event: Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 2018
10/14/201710534.6Event: Seattle The Last Gasp 2017
08/20/201710330.4Event: Seattle The MGA 2017
07/15/201710132.2Event: Seattle Bratish Open 2017
04/15/201710839.8Event: Seattle The Bastards 2017
03/18/201710434.8Event: Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 2017
10/8/201611443.1Event: Seattle The Last Gasp 2016
09/24/20168819.9Event: Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 2016
08/27/20169320.9Event: Seattle The MGA 2016
06/11/201611643.7Event: Seattle F.U. Open 2016
04/17/201611032.7Event: Seattle The Bastards 2016
03/26/20169324.7Event: Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 2016
09/19/201510435Event: Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 2015
07/19/201510334.1Event: Seattle Bratish Open 2015
06/27/201510939.5Event: Seattle F.U. Open 2015
09/13/201411547.9Event: Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 2014
07/27/20149828.9Event: Seattle Bratish Open 2014
06/7/20149728.1Event: Seattle F.U. Open 2014
05/10/201410431.8Event: Seattle FORE! Championship 2014
04/19/20149221.7Event: Seattle The Bastards 2014
09/14/201311139Event: Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 2013
06/22/20139729.5Event: Seattle F.U. Open 2013
05/19/20130-65.4Event: Seattle FORE! Championship 2013
04/27/20139219.8Event: Seattle The Bastards 2013
03/23/201310132.1Event: Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 2013
Event Finishes
EventEvent DateScorePlace"Money"
Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 20199/28/20199814th$0.05
Seattle F.U. Open 20196/9/201910116th$0.02
Seattle The Bastards 20194/27/201910912th$0.07
Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 20193/30/201910411th$0.09
Seattle The Last Gasp 201810/13/20181017th$0.34
Seattle The MGA 20188/19/201810111th$0.11
Seattle Bratish Open 20187/14/20181014th$0.51
Seattle The Bastards 20184/28/20181019th$0.25
Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 20183/17/20189816th$0.02
Seattle The Last Gasp 201710/14/201710511th$0.12
Seattle The MGA 20178/20/201710318th$0
Seattle Bratish Open 20177/15/201710113th$0.06
Seattle The Bastards 20174/15/201710818th$0
Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 20173/18/201710413th$0.06
Seattle The Last Gasp 201610/8/201611415th$0.03
Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 20169/24/2016883rd$0.66
Seattle The MGA 20168/27/2016938th$0.34
Seattle F.U. Open 20166/11/201611624th$0
Seattle The Bastards 20164/17/201611019th$0
Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 20163/26/2016935th$0.5
Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 20159/19/20151048th$0.34
Seattle Bratish Open 20157/19/201510310th$0.18
Seattle F.U. Open 20156/27/201510915th$0.04
Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 20149/13/201411512th$0.06
Seattle Bratish Open 20147/27/20149811th$0.11
Seattle F.U. Open 20146/7/20149710th$0.15
Seattle FORE! Championship 20145/10/201410414th$0.07
Seattle The Bastards 20144/19/2014935th$0.56
Seattle Douche Bag Invitational 20139/14/201311215th$0.04
Seattle F.U. Open 20136/22/20139811th$0.11
Seattle FORE! Championship 20135/19/2013DQ20th$0
Seattle The Bastards 20134/27/2013923rd$0.7
Seattle Rebel Beach Am-Am 20133/23/201310517th$0
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