This page shows who improved their MGA Tour finishes the most and who headed sharply in the other direction. Players must have competed in at least three events each year to be measured, so the current season will not appear until chapters play their third event of the year.

(UN)Improvement Records
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(UN) Improvement
1Eric Pike4316.506.679.83
2Bryan Linder4315.2510.005.25
3Greg Madrid8313.258.674.58
4Tino Lopez4315.2511.004.25
5Brandon O’Neall8310.506.673.83
6Skee Leonard6311.177.333.83
7Shawn Norfolk5311.808.003.80
8Lance Pownall637.334.003.33
9Kim Prier6321.3319.002.33
10Myke Prier836.384.671.71
11Craig Tull8322.3821.670.71
12Doug Turpin836.3810.33-3.96
13Alex Schaer837.5012.67-5.17
14Bryan Peck837.0022.33-15.33