Become a Chapter Leader and create your own legendary chapter! All you need to get things started is a few friends who will come out to play. Go out, have a good time and it will grow like a rash below the belt from there.


Role of a Chapter Leader

The Chapter Leaders are the most critical people in the MGA. They are the ones who truly "get" what the MGA is about and they help spread the MGA way of life; all while delivering professional-ish tournament experiences for the Medios in their city. Strangely enough, a mediocre Chapter Leader in the Mediocre Golf Association doesn't work out as well as you'd think.


Responsibilities of the Chapter Leader

Recruit people for your tournaments (e.g. make your friends sign up)

Set up 8 tournaments a year at local muni courses

Get the trophy pack from MGA headquarters

Sign people in and publicly shame no-shows

Collect scores and hand out cool prizes

Get pictures and/or video at each event and share them with the world.

Write tournament summarys (or find a literate member who can handle this for you)


Benefits of being a Chapter Leader

Legend status for bringing this to your town.

No longer need to be ashamed to say you golf.

Something to look forward to each month.

Reason to go on living.


 Apply for a Chapter