Chapter News

Zack 'With a K' Carson

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR GOLF!   80 degrees, clear skies, PMGA and golf. Nothing more we could of asked for, except...The cart lady serving drinks like they were free! That was awesome. Thanks Tyler for hooking up the course. 

   On this glorious day, one Zack "hey RB, I spell it with a K'' Carson, dominated going 42, 42 for an 84 and penalty adjusted 86 tying with Tyler Marshall and Nic Hovanic. In the shortest putt off ever! Zack took the putt off after a push and Tyler grabbing a hole lead before Zack one putted the last 2 and winning his 1st tourney and BIG CHECK EVER! Congrats bud. Not to be out done. Josh Vining went to the opposite of the spectrum and finishing last with a well rounded 118. Josh was consistent and even improved his round by shaving off 2 strokes from his front 9 going 60 to 58. The Key to the Reds is back in the Vining Camp. BIlly Ortiz showed the true PMGA spirit starting off faded and shooting a 44 before getting to faded and having the biggest blow up going -19 and shitting a 63 thanks to getting 43 of those on the last 5 holes or 28 on the last 3!  Steve "Stewy" Stewart rolled up to 23" from the the tough pin location on 17 to win closest to the pin and finishing with a real mediocre 97. Steve "Steve-O" Wallace had an incredible round with a 90 (48,42) and winning long drive on hole 6.  

       Now an extra special good-bye to Bobby Porter who moved on to the Sacramento area, along with his mediocrity. He will find a new amazing MGA home and will be missed. Also thanks to Larry Morgan for collecting his big check and trophy hat to pose for his incredible 84 at CHardonnay in April. ANd last but not least, Emory Epperson and his amazing happy unlucky attitude for being a cool guy and posing for pics after taking Kyle Olsen's ball in the back! And of course his hole 16 on sunday which was amazing to watch and hear about!

Las Po June 5. SIgn up and pay. 

Event Results

1.Zachary Carson86$1.35
2.Tyler Marshall86$0.83
2.Nic Hovanic 86$0.83
4.Steve Wallace90$0.68
5.Larry Morgan92$0.60
6.Bob LeClair95$0.45
6.Martin O'Brien95$0.45
6.Michael Drews95$0.45
9.Steve Stewart97$0.26
9.Ahad Dil97$0.26
11.James Thomas98$0.15
12.RB Rossi100$0.08
13.Bob Rossi102$0.07
14.Alejandro Duenas105$0.05
15.Billy Ortiz107$0.04
16.Mike Schiano109$0.02
17.Steve Pricer110$0.00
18.Emory Epperson111$0.00
18.Alexander Promm111$0.00
20.Bill Bailey112$0.00
21.Josh Vining118$0.00