Chapter News

You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me

[by:  Joe Faga]

Matt Keller walked off with the win at the Bratish Open with a net 87. He also walked off without his check or his trophy! (A couple of other medios just walked off). Jeff Gilligan, co-leader and chapter red key record holder, willingly stood in for Matt for the photo op.

Anyway Matt, you can come back anytime pick up your check. We left it in a safe spot for you.

Speaking of Jeff - he had a personal best on the 12th hole today on his way to earning the meltdown award.  Nice 20 there Jeff!

The culprit of 5 consecutive water balls was caught on camera too.  Such a difficult tee shot...

Congratulations to Corrine Bigelow for earning the Most Mediocre award, beating her husband, and, by definition, half of the shitty golfers who came out today. Biggz would have had the better of her this time except for his lay up in the water.

The course at Pine Hills Golf Club (aptly named for the pines, and the hills) was in great shape with many picturesque views.

Today's MGA moments:

1. The defending champion, Steve Sillato, knowing his title was at stake, teed it up high to bomb it on number 9.  He tightened his belt, secured his shoe laces, and hit the tee directly out from under the ball, which fell straight down from its perch. I am not making this up.
2. Steve Merrill missed his putt on wait a minute, it rolled back into the cup. This was the most sadistic placement of 'closest to the pin' ever. I swear the green was practically vertical and the flag was perched on the edge.
3. I got lost looking for my drive off the 10th tee...later on the hole I waited for the green to clear from about 170, then hit off the toe 20 yards back into the trees.
4. Gilligan lost his putter cover in the woods!  WTF!
Best Dressed award went to Robert McArthur, rockin' those knickers. Jason Tolman was unable to get a pic of Robert, as he was preoccupied trying to remember which tree he hit.
In other news, Jason Strickland did not pass out from dehydration this week.

Event Results

1.Matt Keller87$1.26
2.Joe Milacek88$0.84
3.Robert McArthur89$0.70
4.Brad Schimmoeller90$0.63
5.Steve Sillato91$0.56
6.Mathew Mayo93$0.46
6.Timothy Collins93$0.46
8.Jason Strickland94$0.35
9.Justin Scribner95$0.28
10.Jay Sutter96$0.21
11.Jason Smelser98$0.08
11.Nicholas Johnston98$0.08
11.Graydon Spanner98$0.08
11.Gary Sutter98$0.08
15.David Knowles99$0.03
15.Brian Zimmerschied99$0.03
15.Justin Duffie99$0.03
18.Corinne Bigelow100$0.00
18.Brett Ewing100$0.00
20.Connor Mazza101$0.00
20.Steven Merrill101$0.00
22.Elliot Mork102$0.00
22.Justin Kudela102$0.00
24.Matt Arrasmith 103$0.00
24.Brent Huddleston103$0.00
26.Sundar Digumarthy104$0.00
26.Chris Pike104$0.00
26.Matt Bigelow104$0.00
29.Patrick Affourtit105$0.00
30.Nick Poe109$0.00
31.Joe Faga117$0.00
32.Jay Patel119$0.00
33.Jason Tolman126$0.00
34.Jeff Gilligan155$0.00
36.Todd HamiltonDQ$0.00
36.Ben ReebDNF$0.00
36.Paul MillerDNF$0.00