Chapter News

This year’s douche!

Congrats to Chuck for winning the 2023 Douchebag Invitational by ONE STROKE! We’re hoping to get him to Vegas to represent the Taylor chapter with us in November!  We have a powerhouse group growing so far and we’re really looking forward to it this year!  Great job on your second win this season Chuck!

See you all in Snowflake in a couple weeks for the season finally!

Event Results

1.Chuck McCalmont87$1.01
2.Steven Rogers88$0.68
3.John Valdivia 92$0.56
4.Russell Ward95$0.51
5.Cliff Schweigert98$0.45
6.Will Rivera101$0.37
8.Shannon Rivera113$0.28
9.stephen jolley127$0.23
10.Robert Molenda131$0.17
11.Baron Laetzsh132$0.11
12.Braydon Gardner133$0.06

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