Chapter News

Worst Three way ever!

Bret Fuller, Tom Wilkes, and Kevin McKeon log the same net scores to wind up in the world's worst three-way ever and Tom's fourth shootout.

On a day that almost wasn't thanks to Florida's monsoon season, 13 weary players and one guest *who is now our 40th member* showed up at Summerfield to slog there way through supersaturated fairways in 96* heat.  The Fore fell on the heals of the Bratish Open  due to the Shit Show 3.0 being scheduled for the end of August.   The timing of events and the start of school means our numbers were below the minimum for a full payout but 14 is a very manageable number of players for the conditions.

24 Hours before the event the course notified me that only 9 holes were open and if they got any more rain, the whole course would be closed for the day.  Thankfully they only got a misting the night before and the course absorbed enough rain to open all 18 holes.   Bring extra socks kids, game on!

147 plugged balls and 28 soaked socks later, the numbers were tallied and Bret, Tom, & Kevin all carded a net 87 triggering yet another shootout this season, Tom's 4th in 2 years and second at this course!  The day was decided by a miracle 41.79" putt that Kevin drilled to clench his second kinda big check for the season and rob Tom of yet another shootout victory.

Newcomer David Turner survived his first outing with us and our now 40th member, Grayson who signed up shortly after the event!!  Welcome to both of you guys!

Next month we return to everyone's favorite love/hate course, Cove Cay for the Douchebag Invitational.  Wear your douche-iest outfit for a shot at a special prize.