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World Champ Butz Issues #CHAMP19CHALLENGE

Heavy is the waist that wears The Belt.

Wait… I didn't mean it like that. World Champ Dan Butz is definitely not fat, I'm just saying there's a lot of pressure when you're the MGA World Champ. However, doctors might want to look into the size of Butz's'z heart after his latest move.

Those of you who haven’t been following along on the Official World Champ Instagram are missing out. The Champ has already made multiple stops on his Championship Belt World Tour in an effort to bring The Belt to the people. Unfortunately, his most recent appearance had to be canceled due to this stupid fucking virus. #FTV. This, of course, resulted in some light-hearted (I think) shit-talking from the jilted chapter. But then, soon after, for the first time in the history of the internet, things escalated!

The Champ, who initially challenged his detractors to a good-natured (I think) bet at MGAWC20, decided a short time later to take a far more positive approach (I know) and create the #CHAMP19CHALLENGE. Have a listen.


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Only a day after the challenge was issued, 2018 World Champ Ross Gillispie got in on the action and made a donation. Sadly, his instagram is private, so I can't share the video here and the World will never know that he also challenged 2017 World Champ Matthew Ittner and chapter-mate James Cannon to participate.

In honor of Ross'z's move, I'm starting my own challenge, the Make Ex-World Champ's Personal Instagram Pages Public Challenge or #MEWCPIPPC. The people want to know what you're up to Ross. We miss you. #whatareyouhiding