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Are we serious. Peachy again.

With the most mediocrity the guy that deserves strokes escapes with his second win of the season. It’s going to be hard to catch Jose for the chapter money list leader now. ( can two people in the chapter with the most penalty strokes pull it off without a win. Only time will tell. If Peachy can skate by the rest of the season with only one stroke he has a shot a the world title. With two tournaments left can he be the first in the chapter with a three win season? The signs all point to yes he can. As we roll into the DOUCHE BAG INVITATIONAL in Columbia what will happen. 

Event Results

1.Jose Aguayo93$1.50
2.Jordan Arcturus94$0.91
2.Andy Shook94$0.91
4.Troy Shepard99$0.75
5.Chris Richardson100$0.67
6.Jason Uebelhoer 102$0.50
6.Matthew Lee102$0.50
6.Shawn Jolley102$0.50
9.Joshua Thigpen106$0.33
10.Jesse Rowe107$0.25
11.Basir Robertson109$0.12
11.Sarah Edmiston109$0.12
13.Ben Masuga116$0.07
14.Joshua Masuga130$0.06

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