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Wins!!! They are magically delicious...

Congratulations to the Aiken Chapters first Mrand Slam Winner Adam "bomb" Bates!!  Unlike Rory,  he finally captured the elusive Green Jacket at the 2024 Aiken Bastards tournament to complete the Mrand Slam by winning all four chapter majors.  This lucky Leprechaun (who also happens to be pretty damn good at golf) does this by winning his 7th tournament. Five of them happen to be Majors, simmer down little Brooks will ya?   Adam looks to add another Major to his belt at upcoming  MGA championship to win it for the 3rd time and earning the title of "3 Chains", that's more than 2 for you math wizards.   

Defending  2023 champion Joe Chiles reluctantly handing over the jacket that he wore to church every Sunday since his win.


Congratulations to Brad who earned himself a Masters Towel by winning the putting contest. We are proud of ya kid, good job!

Full results are below, there were some other awards like the kind long drive(stolen from the chapter leader), kinda close and others etc., but its all about the Mrand Slam winner for this write up.  Want your name in lights, just play a little better next event ehh?

Event Results

1.Adam Bates86$1.10
2.Jeremy Wilson88$0.67
2.Matt Mcghee88$0.67
4.James Thomas Chiles 93$0.52
4.Matthew Vaught93$0.52
6.Joe Chiles94$0.43
7.Mike England96$0.34
7.Ted Munsch96$0.34
9.William Koerner97$0.25
10.Brody Mansfield 105$0.15
10.Stephen Sowards105$0.15
12.B-Rad McMillian110$0.06
12.Bill Sedgwick110$0.06
14.Adam Calvert116$0.04

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