Chapter News

Wind advisory

What a performance by Steve Rogers on a day that proved difficult for the field to score low. Well done in the wind tunnel today to take home your 2nd win of your short MGA career!

Look forward to seeing you Medios in the hot rocky desert of Holbrook!

Event Results

1.Cliff Schweigert85$1.27
3.Chuck McCalmont90$0.70
4.Dallin Mccleve91$0.56
4.Daniel Rivera91$0.56
4.Will Rivera91$0.56
7.John Valdivia 92$0.42
8.Russell Ward95$0.35
9.Branson Tate101$0.28
10.Marc McCleve102$0.21
11.Baron Laetzsh109$0.08
11.Robert Molenda109$0.08
11.Shannon Rivera109$0.08
11.Steven Rogers109$0.08
15.jacob juarez122$0.04

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