Chapter News

Will The Real Slim 80 Please Stand Up!

On May 3rd, the Knoxville MGA finally got started after a two month lay off due to the Mexican Beer Virus! It was a tough two months to finally find a course that didn’t have restrictions as far as only one to a cart, cups up on the putting green, having to leave the flag sticks in without a choice! We did however follow the rules of social distancing, probably cause a lot of us stuck up the course that day after such a long wait to get started that nobody wanted to be near each other.
We had a great showing as we had 30 players total…….All tee times….don’t know what we have to do to get some shotgun starts……Just not as big as North Dallas and Las Vegas!
A few highlights from the day……
Hole #4 (White) Franklin hits 2nd shot 89 degrees back at Henley in the cart, ball hits the driver in the bag, which dents it, saving Henley from a concussion. Franklin then hits his 3rd shot, thru the cart, guessing Henley wasn’t in the cart this time, as he refused to move it and with his 4th shot it finally goes towards the green….as he ended up with a 10 on the hole.
The last group of the day should’ve bought a lotto ticket after the first hole, as Sean, David, and Charles all shot a 7 on the hole, can’t say the same for the third hole, short par 4 where Charles played three different balls and tapping it close for a solid 10, the first one for the group.
If you are going to play with Daniel Vass or near him, after you hit make sure you go after your ball as Henley hit his ball just short of the green on hole #6 and Daniel coming off hole #8 played Henley’s ball and John played Daniel’s out of the bunker for a par and then graciously returned Daniel’s ball to its rightful owner.
Hole #9 (Red) Misty hit her ball a little to the right off the tee box, no problem, right…..Well if you ever play there again you will now know NOT to go after that ball, as she was told by a very loud voice “Get off my Lawn” Welcome to the MGA Misty!
The closest to the pin hole found the group of Fred, Eric, Patrick and Austin in a great competition, as Patrick hit his 10 feet from the pin, Fred, well we don’t know where his went, but the first couple of lines sounded good….Austin hit his off the green, but managed to chip his into the cup for birdie and then Eric said hold my beers, bitches! Puts his shot 2 feet from the cup for a tap in birdie and the winner of the jackpot on the day!
We had some strong contenders for the Meltdown Award…..but after Bill Hickman shoots his best 9 holes ever in his life on the front 9 with a 46, the back 9 didn’t go as well as he shot a 57……..that’s why we play the whole 18, Bill……earning Bill his 1st Meltdown of his career in the MGA!
As for Franklin…….Through hole #15 he had used his putter 69 times…….the over/under was 85…….don’t know if it was reached, but he was our RED KEY CHAMPION on the day! Congrats!
As for the Champ on the day…….Will the real Jason Bowers please stand up, please stand up, please stand up! Slim 80 Jason Bowers held off the field to earn his first Bastards Trophy…..Well deserved!
Trophies on the day:
Champion – Jason Bowers
Closet to the pin – Eric New
Longest Drive – Jason Pruitt
Longest Putt – Scott Norman
Meltdown – Bill Hickman
Gross – Jason Bowers
Mediocre – Allen Aldridge
RED KEY – Bryan Franklin

Event Results

1.Jason Bowers86$1.26
2.Scott McCarty88$0.77
2.Mark Love88$0.77
4.John Henley89$0.63
5.Scott Norman90$0.56
6.Jason Pruitt91$0.49
7.Doug Lauderdale94$0.39
7.Andrew Millett94$0.39
9.Brad Loveless 95$0.21
9.Mark Kotrys95$0.21
9.Korey Whitlock95$0.21
12.Fred Tipton96$0.07
12.Garry Weaver 96$0.07
14.Sean Fay97$0.05
15.Eric New98$0.03
15.Rick Thompson98$0.03
15.Justin Paul98$0.03
18.Allen Aldridge 100$0.00
19.Gene Millett102$0.00
19.Brandon Wise102$0.00
19.Austin Putt102$0.00
22.Bill Hickman103$0.00
23.Patrick Stambaugh105$0.00
24.Dave Keener108$0.00
25.Daniel Vass112$0.00
26.David Ashburn122$0.00
27.Charles Slay126$0.00
28.Brittany Chamberlain 127$0.00
29.Bryan Franklin129$0.00
30.Misty Stout137$0.00