Chapter News

When the golf is not going well, send in the Clowns!

Thirty one golfers stormed the Walden Ponds course with dreams of notching a victory early in the season.  The young bucks showed up in droves for the CINMGA Rebel Beach Am/Am. but they were no match for the cagey veteran who came in going Mirdie, Mirdie, Mar, Meagle, Mirdie, to crush their dreams. The Billdozer ended a winless drought of two years and notched his 12th career victory on the MGA.  
There was one category though that the bulldozer was not even close to winning. For the third or fourth year in a row Grimes partner Chris Blanton stole the show with a Clownvis (see 2019 MGAWC) themed outfit to take the best dressed pair.

  Lots of white hair also dominated the team championship as the Billdozer matched up with Matt Fischer.    After going out in a combined 97 on the front nine this ‘never say die’ pair came home in 83 and take the Am/Am trophy from Dennis H. and Doc by 2 strokes.    Hey guys, you remember those short putts you missed?   Ouch.


Bryan Scott showed that he will be a force to be reckon with this year as he slid into second place with a solid 88.   This bested his start in the Rebel Beach last year by 19 strokes and earned him his highest finish ever in the MGA event.

The competition was amazingly tight. Four regulars on tour crowded it into a tie for third place (6 feet apart of course) at 91 as Doc, Timvi$, as Mr. Grimes is now known, Chris Hicks and Dennis H all made a valiant run for the win.   This group was loaded with talent as they lay down a lot of Meagles in addition to taking the Longest drive by Timvi$, Closest to the pin by Doc and The gross award by Chris with a solid 83.

The tie theme did not stop there as Dave Gibson, Dan Harold, and Scott Feldman, snuggled into seventh place together. Not a good strategy for social distancing for photos but earning them some decent money. The top 10 actually became the top 14 as there was a five way tie for tenth with a 95 score.  The Meltdown award winner backed into this group as Skip Koesterman added nine sweet strokes to his back nine score to essentially take himself from second to tenth.
There was room for one more tie as Brendan Griffith and Trevor guy tied  for 15th to round out the money list.    This was also the middle of a big field so Trevor took home the Most Mediocre award.

The Warm Handshake club was crowded with 15 members and this week was captained by Mario Cartaya, who took home the red key with a solid 116 most of which he earned on three double digit holes.

Showing that medios are nothing if not inconsistent, two weeks ago at the FU Open a 97 would’ve put you in the top five and this week you did not even make the money!  Not only that, the Billdozer won by shaving 16 strokes from a 101 to 185.

The early-season grind to catch up on tournaments will continue as we play our third tournament in four weeks and head to the Vineyard for our Bastards next week.  No telling what's going to happen but rest assured there will be some clowns playing golf!


Event Results

1.Bill Morley85$1.12
2.Bryan Scott88$0.74
3.* Doc91$0.53
3.TIMOTHY PATRICK Grime$91$0.53
3.Christopher Hicks91$0.53
3.Dennis H.91$0.53
7.Scott Feldmann94$0.31
7.Dan Harold94$0.31
7.Dave Gibson94$0.31
10.Eric Hostetler95$0.09
10.Skip Koesterman95$0.09
10.Chad Russell95$0.09
10.Rich Zinicola95$0.09
10.Matt Fischer95$0.09
15.Brendan Griffith96$0.02
15.Trevor Guy96$0.02
17.Nate Reynolds97$0.00
18.Matt Brown100$0.00
19.Duane Sharpe101$0.00
19.Mike Boyer101$0.00
19.Rich Gomez101$0.00
19.Chris Blanton101$0.00
19.brian mccormick101$0.00
24.Bob Evans102$0.00
25.Jared Leiker103$0.00
26.Jason Corbitt105$0.00
26.Nick Palermo105$0.00
26.Jarod Dennis105$0.00
29.Ryan Woodward108$0.00
30.Bob Bammann109$0.00
31.Mario Cartaya116$0.00