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What Ya Gonna Do...Jordan Seidl Takes F.U. Open!

Merica was if full affect when "The Mediocster" brought his 24-inch pythons and 70 of his Mediomanics to challenge a sloppy 18 holes at Coyote Ridge.  The 2019 F.U. had some of the most challenging conditions, with blazing hot temps, "casual water", T-storms, and epic swamp ass.  In the end, the top 5 of Jim Goetz, Jeremy "Mediocster" Ramey, Gaston Ammons, and Shawn Norfolk were no match for Jordan Seidl who shot an 82 to take the Open

Most Mediocre when to Lance Pownall who also got the not Mediocre Closest to the Pin award, Gaston Ammons took the Long Drive, Biggest Meltdown went to Chase Anaya, and new comer Josh Butler (148) crushed the Next Closest challenger by 10 strokes to take his very first Red Key award.