Chapter News

What happened at Chardonnay?

          Welcome back to another as the PMGA turns. The rain was there, it wasn't, and neither were some players by the end. Billy Ortiz when he looked up after his round didn't know that we had vanquished all others. Billy went 49, 43 for a 92 and 1 stroke penalty for a 93. Larry went bananas on the back for a 39 but started really slow with a 50. Add penaly strokes and Larry went 95. Tyler Marshall had a 95 as well. Grabbing the gross award with a 88 (42 front, 46 back). Tyler also won the long drive and apparently nobody can hit a green so the closest carries. Pulling up the rear was Mikey shooting a smiling 122, while Emory followed closely with a 119.

     The Am-Am was close with 3 groups within 2 strokes of each other. Going a combined 200, Billy and Bob LeClair came together to finish 3rd and looking up. Second place goes to Zach Carson and Nic Hovanic with a 199. Zach was very pleasant sharing his Jameson that was not needed. In first place was Martin O'Brien and Bob Rossi with a 198. Martin and Bob didn't butt heads during or after the round. Martin a Dodger fan and Bob a Giants. So I'll just let everyone know...Giants are in 1st atop the NL West. Till next time at Monarch Bay on May23!