Chapter News

What the F%ck is it all FOOOORE!

It all came down to a freaking putt.  After a hard faught day of competition, drinking, bad golf, drinking some more, constant talk about the Dodgers and DRINKING some more..........Stephen Gardner shows his skills and putts his way to victory.  I guess it was only fitting that the playoff featured the two Dodgers fans since they had formed such a bromance.  Clay Farlow's signature back hand putting style fell Juuuuust a bit short and allowed Stephen to sink the final putt with a pool shot.    Since I had watched Clay sink 16 of 18 putts with his back handed putting I was sure he was going to win but that goes to show you how much I know.  None of us were ready for the subsequent celebration theme that we heard over and over and over in the club house coming from Mr. Gardner.  I think is was the theme song to Ultra Man or some such non-sense....LOL, but ohhhh how we all got an ear full of it from Mr. Gardner.  So much so he did a video......SEE ATTACHED!!!  Gotta love thid dude's celebrations and his signature beard tee holder.  Yes, you read that right.  Thsi dude had about 5 tees in his beard through the entire game.  Hey.....WHATEVER works dude.  Greta win and a lot of fun out there for this championship.  Yeah....yeah, this articles is a bit late but here it goes.     

Best gag of the day had to go to Rich and Grant. These nuts moved the freaking hole and the flag TOTALLY off the green by about 6 feet on one particular hole. Now I don't know about the rest of you, but that shyt was funny and creative. It did teach us all a valuable lesson though. THESE DUDES DO NOT PLAY IN THE FIRST GROUP EVER AGAIN...........ROTFLMAO. Great gag dudes. Keep it up. We need more characters.