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We're Back, and Better Than Ever?

This past weekend the 2023 South OC MGA season got underway, and in style. Having fully doubled the turnout from the first tournament this time last year, things are looking great for the new season. At least, things other than the golf. Things other than the weather as well, which to this point in 2023 has been anything but what we expect in southern California. Atmospheric rivers be damned, we got out there with gusto and had our hopes for better than mediocre golf dashed by the reality of what being a medio means once again.

Amid intermittent rain showers 25 medios showed up in well dressed (some better than others) teams of two to fight for the Am-Am trophies. Everyone arrived looking to get their season going with at least a whiff of victory, but most ended up just whiffing - nowhere near victory. 

The contingent of South OC OGs, some rookies, and even some chapter converts shot their hearts out and left Rancho San Joaquin with their game in similar shape to which we found the course; trying to improve, better in places, but mostly very much under construction. The breakdown in scores reflected this - more than half the field carding triple digits, a scant five rounds in the 80s, and the rest in the Medio’s preferred habitat, the 90s. 

At the end of the carnage, we ended up with three winners to celebrate on the day. Our individual champion, Keith Beall, joins us from another chapter. While we are thrilled to have converts, I think it’s safe to say we’d all prefer they settle in for a few tournaments, play middling golf a while, before they take down the top prize, eh? Well, that ain’t how competition works, and Keith played some excellent golf to take home the big check. Even with his four penalty strokes, he managed to get it done with a truly gross 82, net 86. Congrats on your second MGA title Keith! Now take your new tally of six penalty strokes and chill for a bit. Please.

As for the Am-Am team winners, we got a truly unique pairing of SouthOC OG Joe Mancinelli alongside another chapter convert Ryan Balderian as our champions. For Joe, this is nothing new, a consistent competitive force on the MGA Tour. For Ryan, welcome to the South OC, and nice job on your highest finish yet in an MGA tournament - but please see commentary above regarding chapter converts winning their first outing with us. 

Other notable performances on the day:

- Joshua Soliz nabbed both the Kinda Long and Kinda Close awards, somehow, amidst a 103

- Greg Piper took home his first Red Key, despite being a solid enough player to have six penalty strokes

- We’re calling it a tie for best dressed. Team Biz & Nick share the glory with Team Drew & Eric - Congrats! You looked fabulous

And just like that, one tournament into 2023, it’s Major season. The chapter leadership this year is strategizing the course selection to elevate the major tournaments, so expect a big step up in course quality from RSJ for these next four events. The Bastards awaits, register now!

Event Results

1.Keith Beall86$1.12
2.Joseph Mancinelli87$0.74
3.Ryan Balderian88$0.62
4.Frank Wang89$0.53
4.Patrick O'Malley89$0.53
6.Clint Davis90$0.43
7.Quan Ha92$0.37
8.Nick Beard94$0.31
9.Corey Sanchez95$0.25
10.Kyle Kaplan97$0.19
11.Gregory Siefkin98$0.12
12.Bobby Barcelona99$0.06
13.David Duran100$0.06
14.Casey Cariker101$0.04
15.Joshua Soliz103$0.02
15.Scott Sanchez103$0.02
15.Brian Owens103$0.02
18.Chris Jacobson104$0.00
19.Justin Lynch105$0.00
19.Cengiz Tekin105$0.00
21.Drew Cox109$0.00
22.Eric Tucker110$0.00
22.Aaron Edwards110$0.00
24.Greg Piper115$0.00
25.Biz Rudolph125$0.00

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