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Well the results are in for the 2022 F.U. Open at Valley Oaks in Visalia California

Well the results are finally in for the 2022 F.U. Open at Valley Oaks golf course in Visalia California. Not only did the weather prove to be hot, hovering around 107°, but so did the golf play.

Gabriel Ibarra made an appearance at the tournament in an attempt to defend his 2021 championship. In 2021 Ibarra shot an 84 however this year the course stumped him and he shot somewhere in the area of 96. Ok he shot 96. The rumor on the golf course is that he's been working out in the gym and it's possible that he has over exerted himself lifting paperweights.

JJ Brandson however was a sleeper. Just like a long shot horse in a horse race, Brandson snuck in from the back of the pack and ended up winning the event with an amazing 85. Rounding off our awards with the greatest meltdown was Eleazar Resendez who was also the red key recipient with an amazing 121 strokes and gets to play from the red tees next month. Teddy Moua, a newcomer to the tournament, won the longest drive award while Fred Molano won the closest to the pin. If I hadn't been playing in the group with these two shyster's I wouldn't have believed it. Young Ronnie Pack once again took the gross award which we all anticipated and were shocked that he didn't disqualify again.

A big thanks and shout out to Rafe Ybarra for his assistance and helping the AMC with the computerized scoring. Using a computerized laptop who would have thunk it. And another big shout out to Garrett Pack, Gabriel Ibarra and JJ Brandon for showing up in the top 25 in the global money winners. Way to represent Fresno County medios.

It appears that young Ronnie Pack, young Teddy Moore, young Garrett Pack, not so young JJ Branson and really not so young Gabriel Ybarra should maybe think about playing in a Fairy Tour. The AMC has spoken.