Chapter News

Welcome to the Twin Cities MGA 2022!

Thank you for visiting the Twin Cities MGA Chapter home page. This is our second year as a chapter and we are looking to take on new members, so if you are kinda alright at golf and aren't a total douche...JOIN THE CHAPTER!

Here is the lowdown if you haven't already looked around and seen what the MGA is all about. As the name implies, this is for mediocre to bad golfers to get together, have some fun and maybe a beer or three. It's okay if you don't drink, we don't judge....but then you can't judge me for being 3 beers deep before I tee off. (at 9am). If you are a scratch golfer, this tour isn't for you. Bogey golf is the goal and shooting in the 70's is frowned upon and will result in a DQ for that tourney (seriously).

This is tournament golf for the average golfer.   We will run 8 tourneys per year, some are themed after certain PGA events, others are just fun.   We will try to spread the tourneys around the Twin Cities a little more this year...still working on finalizing all locations. The schedule will be updated as events are finalized. Each tourney will have various awards given out, with players ultimately chasing after a trophy and a really big check. Not a big check, as in like a lot of money....but literally an oversized "Happy Gilmore" type check...the more absurd we are, and the more of a spectacle we can be, the better....this isn't a stuffy country club- let's have some damn fun.

We are trying to grow this chapter, so if you know anyone who this would appeal to, please let them know or have them reach out to me.


Hit 'em (kinda) straight.

If you have questions or suggestions, email me at and I'll get back to you shortly. Dylan Stenglein