Chapter News

Welcome 2022 Las Vegas chapter

Welcome to the 2022 season of the Las Vegas MGA. !  We are one of the largest chapters in all of the lands ! We take on all comers from anywhere ! Last year we were 3rd in the worlds at the annual mga worlds championships ! Let do better this year !  Ive started the schedule already but we will have other tournaments as well . We like to take on Arizona and Pahrump in our annual winner take all tournaments ! I’m hoping 2022 COVID doesn’t mess with us to much , this is our 3rd year of dealing with this crap ! I try my best to keep this chapter honest and fun ~ we have fun by telling the truth ! We really do suck at golf and its ok !!  We pay the same greens fees as everybody else so we can take as many shots as we want !  So mr golf ranger ,, quit telling us to hurry up !


see everybody soon !

eric lamont ,,, Las Vegas MGA