Chapter News

We Tapped In For 10!

The Tap In For 10 went off without a hitch Saturday at Lansbrook GC. While it looked like we might get some rain, it held off long enough for us to get our round of golf in.

That being said, the weather still was a factor all day long. IT WAS COLD!!! AND WINDY!!! The temperature never went above 60 degrees and for us Floridians that’s like playing in the North Pole!

But we braved the wind and the cold and 8 of us thoroughly enjoyed our off season Tap In For 10 event.

Congratulations to one of our guests from Spring Hill, Greg Brown. Greg took first place and won the tiniest, most insignificant trophy we could find, and we gave him a Dictionary of Golf Terms as well. Job well done Greg.

Jim Wright from Canada (who thought the weather was just fine!) took the Long Drive on Hole #16. While his drive wasn’t the longest, it was on the Fairway, so he was awarded the much coveted Money Clip. For his herculean efforts, Jim also got a sleeve of balls with the beautiful logo of the Pinellas County Chapter. Way to go Jim.

Junior Hill walked away with Closest to the Pin. He also got a gorgeous Money Clip along with an equally gorgeous sleeve of Pinellas County Monogrammed balls. Nice job, Junior

The other brave souls who fought high winds and blistering cold temperatures (you can tell I hate the cold) were two more guests, Charly Osz also from Spring Hill, and Steve Ford. Both these guys battled for the high score of the day. Charly eked out the win though with Steve close behind. Barry Rose, Rip Potter, and Joe Carideo finished out our small field.

The highlight of the day was when each foursome got a beautiful extra-large HOT pizza and a basket of wings, compliments of Lansbrook GC. Thanks go out to Tom McKone, the GM at Lansbrook for extending their pizza special exclusively for us.

As usual, the golf course won, but just being able to finish in this ungodly cold weather made winners of us all!

See you all next Season!