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We put the FU-N in the FU Open!

The clouds were out, the birds were chirping it was like 95* and 50% out by 8am. So glad we Teed it off at 7am when it was only 90* out! lol The FU Open was awesome! Thank you, Fibber Magee's in Chandler, for the extra stuff we were able to give away to the guys!  We need to bring Back the Fibbers Irish Open golf tournament for sure! Oh Ya, the Fu Open. We all had a blast. Cheers and see you at the next one... 


PS "MTFTB" AKA Shrub, Good job with your second place win! I got my First ever M... super stoked! Cheers

Event Results

1.Lance Fisher86$0.68
2.Matt Bush94$0.45
3.Steve Foote97$0.38
4.Nathan Van Cleve104$0.34
5.James Boyle105$0.30
6.Chad Trujillo113$0.26
7.David Axelrod116$0.23

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Panel Of Experts (1)


Kick ass outing as always. Felt good to get second and not die of heat stroke.