Chapter News

We Got The Rebel Beach In!

After a shaky start to the 2020 Season, we're finally back on track. Okay so our schedule is a little messed up, but then again is there anything normal about 2020?

I know you're looking at the photo, and yes it's a picture of my ass! But the thing to look at is the guys in the background. They were all amazed that I could bend down that far and still get up! Now you can stop staring at my ass.

Congratulations, once again to Jason Brock (88) for coming in first. Jason's making this winning business a habit and we don't mind a bit. He's right up there on the Global Money list and we've only played 4 events! He's gunning for the Money! Also, congratulations to Branden Krueger (102), who along with Jason Brock won the Rebel Beach AM-AM much coveted two headed trophy. A combined score of 190 was enough to get it done. Job well done, Guys. 

Barry Robinson (93) took second place with Wayne Persang (96) coming in 3rd. Bear in mind both Jason and Barry are getting 7 penalty strokes and still posting some great numbers. Joe Carideo (98) came in 4th with John Poff (99) right behind in 5th. From here the filed really tightened up with a tie from Stan ZKohut (100) and Barry Rose (100). Right on their heels was a 3 way tie with Don Nogiewich (102), Rip Potter (102) and Branden Krueger (102). 

Filling out the field saw Phil Warne (103) who also won the Long Drive, DJ Fait (104), and Jack Cashon (106). Larry Campoli (109) stayed close behind Jack and completing the field with another tie was Joe Bongo (116) and TIme Riley (116).

Stan Kohut hit a beautiful shot to take Closest to the Pin, and another award Most Mediocre went to Phil Warne. Tim Rileyt may have had a hard time dealing with the heat and posted a 16 stroke Meltdown! Hope you're feeling okay, Tim. Once again our Red Key went to Tom McConnell (124).  

We've only got 4 more events to go and we'll be done for our 2020 Season. Regrettably we won't be holding the WC this year. Pinellas County could have had a real dog in the hunt in Jason Brock.

Take care, and Stay Mediocre!

Event Results

1.Jason Brock88$1.12
2.Barry Robinson93$0.74
3.Wayne R. Persang96$0.62
4.Joe Carideo98$0.56
5.John Poff99$0.50
6.Barry Rose100$0.40
6.Stan Kohut100$0.40
8.Donald Nogiewich102$0.25
8.richard potter102$0.25
8.Branden Krueger102$0.25
11.Philip Warne103$0.12
12.DJ Fajt104$0.06
13.Jack Cashon106$0.06
14.Larry Campoli109$0.04
15.joe bongo116$0.02
15.Tim Riley116$0.02
17.Thomas McConnell124$0.00