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With the transfusions flowing the 2023 MGA was off to the races! After the front 9 holes we had 4 players within 3 strokes of the lead a very tight race to say the least. Now is where boys become men. Who will take care of business on the back nine. Berkeley Country Club didn’t disappoint if you missed the fairway you could recover easily from an adjacent hole fairway. Bryce ate his hotdog in you said it folks in one bite! He was determined that today was his day! As Brice went to shoot a 41 on the back side he just knew that was going to take the W! But your chapter leader and jolley had another idea on who was going to take the covenant gangster chain home this year. As CL and Jolley take on the last hole par 4 we both know we need to make par to force a play-off hole and crush vanilla Bryces dream of becoming a 1st time MGA champion. So we lead off the hole and Jolley nukes one in the fairway CL tops one left under a tree leaving himself himself 240 yards from the hole. Thinking just get it close and chip up to save par. 3 wood special short right side of the green. Jolley takes a smooth 8 iron straight into the left side bunker. CL thinking well Jolley is out of it (his bunker play is well not so good) CL chips over the pin and leaves 9 foot down hill putt for par. Jolley scolds one over the green so leaving it all up to CL for a tie boom made the putt FORCED PLAY-OFF. As we get to the club house Vanilla Bryce was so confident he was sipping on the Champagne a little to early. As Vanilla and CL head back to the 18th tee box tee flip and CL goes first nuked down the left hand side. Bryce nuked one in the same spot as we both are thinking our balls are next to each other Cl outdrove Vanilla by a total of 3 yards to leave himself in a hazard. Bryce plays first back side of the green, Cl takes a drop and back side of the green. Bryce shaking in his shoes goes on to 3 putt and take the playoff hole WIN!!! He broke the CL play-off streak 2-1-0 Congrats Vanilla Bryce the tips at STONO FERRY ARE NO JOKE!!!

Event Results

1.Bryce O’Neill87$1.10
2.Matthew Lee87$0.73
3.Jordan Arcturus89$0.58
3.Shawn Jolley89$0.58
5.Jason U da Man91$0.49
6.Louis Nelson97$0.43
7.Ben Masuga100$0.34
7.Joshua Thigpen100$0.34
9.Troy Shepard102$0.24
10.Rick Atkins 103$0.18
11.Joshua Masuga105$0.12
12.Sarah Edmiston113$0.06
13.Andy Shook116$0.05

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