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VanAmstel Proves He Is The Real Douchebag

In yet another tournament, we here at the NWI saw two medios tied for first place. Peet Van den burg had clearly locked up the Gross award win, but like something out of a Rocky movie Adam VanAmstel shot just mediocre enough on the back to tie for the win. In what could only be described as a Cinderella story putt-off, we had our Douchebag victor. Balls out to VanAmstel on his second tournament victory this season. Can he make it three? We'll see at Last Gasp.

Not going away totally emptyhanded, Peet also won the Closest hole. Matt Zahn finally showed us he can hit big drives and won the Longest. C.L. Rex finished the day Most Mediocre, and Eugene Hanas went Chernobyl and melted down. Winning the award everyone loves to hate, Andy Gardner snatches the Red Key.