Chapter News

Van den berg Is Victorious At MGA

 The 7th annual MGA here at the NWI was one hell of an event. One medio showed up hoping to follow up his win at the Bastards and get one step closer to a Mrand Slam, while 36 other medios were there to stand in his way. Although he gave it an O'kish try Majors was not able to continue his Cinderella story to a Mrand Slam. Peet Van den berg was narrowly able to edge out the competition for the win. Peet was pretty much on fire from his first hit on the driving range. I was warming up ( which didn't help me one freaking bit) right next to him and he was hitting bombs!! His iron shots were on point as well, and I had a feeling by the end of the day he would be somewhere near the top. This win put Peet in a very comfortable lead on the chapter money list, but the back tees at our next course may give another medio a good chance at chopping his lead to mere pennies or worse.

 Brian Orzechowicz left everyone in the dust on the L.D. hole, out driving the closest medio by over 50 yards from what I'm told. Larry Slagle would be the 2021 MGA C.T.P. winner, parking his ball just under 3 feet from the cup.

Rich Shudick won the very flashy "golden" M for his mediocre round of 51/51 while Mark Fleishman would be the days Meltdown recipient. Brian Larson, despite coming in second to Peet by one stroke, didn't go home totally empty handed as he won the Gross award for the day. The Red Key "winner" of the day was Chester Nellett, will he decide to use it at the F.U.?????