Chapter News

Tyler Bay

      Monarch Bay was the Tyler's den. Tyler went 42, 42 for an 84 and penalty added 89 to become the '21 MGA Champ.  Tyler stacked a cool $1.35 to his money earned this year clearly wondering why he still has his day job. Following Tyler was a trio of Medios in at 93s. Nic Hovanic, Brandon "Not that" Crawford, and Larry "Cool" Morgan. Nic was hot on the front 9 with 2 birdies and gross 41, before realizing his amazing mediocrity. Brandon played the missionary postion with a steady 45, 47 plus a 1 stroke penalty and finishing soft with a 93. Larry started slow on the front 9 going out with a 47 before dropping birdies on 11, 14, and 18 wiith a 40 on the final 9. Larry finished with an 87 before 6 penalty strokes. 

    On the opposite side of winning was Mr William Jacob Bailey with a well earned 138. Jake's reward is the keys to the Red Tees and a lil self-reflection. Longest drive was pounded by Jake Dinkelspiel while closest to pin went to Bob Rossi.  Biggest melt down was a tie with 3 PMGAers getting 11 strokes worse on the back then the front. Yours truely, RB Rossi, Josh Vining, and Nic Hovanic. Most Mediocre was Ian Clark with a middle of the pack 100!