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Two-Timing Bastard!

This Write-Up Brought to You By: The MGABoston Chapter Reporter

After 26 players braved the conditions (including WALKING!) during the Am-Am, they had clearly taken a toll on the Bastards field, with only 21 mustering the strength to go again.  A mere 3 weeks had gone by and the next event was already upon us, with a number of Boston MGA stalwarts bowing out of the year’s first major due to various lingering ailments.

Hampered by having to play the blue tees, and everyone else’s ability to use carts again, the Am-Am winner Dan Morse was happy to break 100 and finish 8th shooting 99.  Using the Red Key properly, Derek Peabody turned a 129 in the Am-Am into a 93 at the Bastards, finishing 3rd and more than doubling his career earnings on tour.  Peabody’s highest career finish pushed perennial contenders Halbach and Ferraro into a tie for 4th, sending grumbles through the Fantasy MGA community.

A playoff was required to determine a winner, as the two Andrews (Gordon & Southgate) came in tied at 91.  After some cajoling, the course allowed the two competitors back out to play the first hole, which wasn’t enough.  A backup on the 2nd tee lead to a putt-off on the first green.  As the weather was finally nice, the playoff participants returned to find the majority of the group out on the bar patio with many empties surrounding.  But which Andy had won?

After some storytelling***, I wasn’t really listening; it was revealed that Southgate was the winner, clinching his first victory since early 2017, and his first Bastards victory since 2014.  Gordon graciously accepted his 2nd place check and departed to enjoy a Sunday round on Long Island, at a little thing called the PGA Championship… Must be some sort of knock-off.

(***Editor's Note: The one-hole playoff resulted in a tie. Inexplicably, the Andys decided to do their putt-off on Hole 1 green - with normal players approaching behind them. When the first putt-off ended in its inevitable tie, they FLIPPED A *!#$% TEE to decide the 2019 Bastards Championship.)

Event Results

1.Andrew Southgate91$1.26
2.Andrew Gordon91$0.84
3.Derek Peabody93$0.70
4.Michael Halbach94$0.60
4.Vin Ferraro94$0.60
6.Nat Gordon96$0.49
7.Justin Limoli97$0.42
8.Daniel Morse99$0.35
9.Shaoyu Xue100$0.28
10.Christos Christopoulos 101$0.21
11.Jonathan Scully103$0.14
12.Bruce Black106$0.06
12.Bobby Sprouts106$0.06
12.Jake Stowell106$0.06
15.Alvaro Perez108$0.04
16.Colin Quigley109$0.02
16.Padraic Lacey109$0.02
18.Mark Moriarty115$0.00
19.Matt McDonough117$0.00
20.Glenn Lemieux121$0.00
21.Brendon Lynch127$0.00