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Two Medios Awarded Lifetime Memberships!

The MGA Lifetime Membership. Is it a myth? Like unicorns and mermaids? Or is it perhaps just something exceedingly rare that you’ve never laid eyes upon? Like a par or a cart girl’s phone number.

The answer of course is the latter. Lifetime Memberships do exist, but they have become exponentially more difficult to get with each passing year. This is primarily because there is no defined way to earn one of the coveted gold cards or the weighty metal bag tag that accompanies it.

Lifetime Memberships are awarded when a medio does something that creates a historic, positive shift in the entire MGA universe. Medios are welcome to submit ideas to El Presidente anytime they like, but few submissions have captured his imagination recently.  Essentially, El Presidente has to be shocked (in a good way) and impressed not only with the idea, but with the follow-through.

Thus far, every Lifetime Membership has been awarded post-radness. Basically someone did something really cool, with no expectations of receiving anything in return, but it suitably shocked and impressed El Presidente enough to earn a Lifetime Membership. So go out there, be rad and you never know what might happen.

Last year something suitably rad took place when the 100-member mark was broken by a chapter. A few years prior, San Francisco and Panama had gotten to the mid-80’s, but even that is a long way from 100. The North Dallas MGA total of 107 members in 2019 came out of left field and shattered a barrier El Presidente never thought would be broken. As the first to break this barrier, he is awarding NDMGA Chapter Leaders Greg Madrid and Jeremy Ramey the Lifetime Memberships pictured above.

Congrats and I hope it was worth all the cat-herding!

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This could very well be my greatest accomplishment in my mediocre existence!

great job DFW ! i guess second place gets nothing ( las vegas mga )

great job guys ,, i guess were stuck with you