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Two Bastards Playoff

In keeping with this season’s rapidly emerging trend of super-timely recaps, here we are a mere three+ weeks since the South OC turned out to contend for the year’s first major. Around twenty medios made the trek to the already pretty damn hot Inland Empire to battle it out for the famed trucker hat at Glen Ivy, a course that has achieved a welcome return to form and playability under new ownership.

This year’s battle for the Bastards was tightly contested and very mediocre in terms of scoring. Half the field carded triple digit scores, and no medios netted sub-90 rounds. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t competitive, as we had to go an extra hole to crown a champ. After 18, it was down to two medios, Quan Ha and Patrick O’Malley, the ’22 and ’23 Chapter Money champs. A few hardy medios stuck around to follow the action and provide a supportive gallery as Quan and Patrick took it back to hole #1 to play it off. A par and a bogey later and we had our winner.

Quan Ha took home the trucker hat and title of 2024’s Bastard, notching his first win since 2022 and this year’s first major champ. With this win, Quan is now three quarters of the way towards a career Mrand Slam. Obviously he’s on track for the ultimate in-season Mrand Slam by taking down major #1 of 2024, but we’re not holding our breath on that one. Additionally, this brings Quan to 10 career tour wins which (we think, didn’t fact check this fully) is tied for most in South OC MGA history. HOF material? Perhaps. Keep an eye out for Quan at this year’s Bratish, as that is the lone major Quan still needs to complete the Mrand Slam. No additional penalty strokes for Quan with the W, but he’ll be one tee back for the upcoming MGA.

Speaking of which, due to the aforementioned timeliness of this recap, the MGA is THIS weekend and the field is already locked in for the contest at Strawberry Farms. So if you’re not one of the medios already registered to contend, then look forward to the next timely recap!

Event Results

1.Quan Ha91$1.26
2.Patrick O'Malley91$0.84
3.AJ Beamer92$0.70
4.Keith Beall95$0.63
5.Bobby Barcelona97$0.56
6.Nick Beard98$0.46
6.Chris Cisneros 98$0.46
8.Brian Owens99$0.32
8.Cengiz Tekin99$0.32
10.Eric Tucker100$0.21
11.Casey Cariker101$0.11
11.David Duran101$0.11
13.Joshua Soliz106$0.06
13.Justin Lynch106$0.06
15.Ryan Williams107$0.04
16.Chris Jacobson109$0.02
17.Richard Erk110$0.00
18.Jon Meer112$0.00
19.Clint DavisDNF$0.00

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