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Twin Cities MGA- FU Open Results

The first rule of The MGA is you do NOT recruit golfers who are really good and that will dominate in their first tourney.  We had 5 new members in this one, four of which were a perfect fit with their mediocre play.  The fifth new medio, however, comes out and drops an 81 in his first event and takes home the FU Trophy and the big check with a gross score of 85 (Enjoy the added penalty strokes and playing from the back tees at the Bratish).  Congrats to the newest champ, Lane Lantis.  welcome to the Twin Cities MGA...I think I speak for everyone when I say Go F Yourself!   




With 23 golfers, this was our biggest outing to date, and there were some VERY Mediocre scores.  

Congrats to the following medios

Gross award goes to Lane Lantis with an 81

Most Mediocre- Tayler Haza with a gross 107

Meltdown Award- Tony Nesgood with a horrible 9 stroke differential from front to back.

Key to the red tee- Casey Ferguson with an awful 125

Longest drive- Mark Rice (I'm guessing he is the only one to hit the fairway)

Closest to the pin- Jake Chalcraft

Event Results

1.Lane Lantis85$1.35
2.Jake Chalcraft89$0.90
3.Mark Rice90$0.75
4.Ben Edmundson91$0.68
5.Mike Brandes94$0.56
5.Dylan Stenglein94$0.56
7.Nick Dodge99$0.45
8.John Hennes100$0.30
8.JP Philibert100$0.30
8.Brad Olsson100$0.30
11.Benji Loren102$0.11
11.Jeremy Anderson102$0.11
13.Tayler Haza104$0.07
14.Kevin Byrnes107$0.05
14.Bob Byrnes107$0.05
16.Patrick Melody110$0.02
17.Tony Nesgooda111$0.00
18.Joseph Pearson 112$0.00
18.Todd Bialon112$0.00
20.William Ferguson115$0.00
21.Kolar Huffmanov121$0.00
22.Eddie Anderson123$0.00
23.Casey Ferguson125$0.00