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Twin Cities AM-AM Results

The Twin Cities MGA held our first event of 2024 on May 11th at The Ponds in beautiful St. Francis, MN.  It was an unusual AM-AM for the Twin Cities, since it wasn't pouring rain or snowing.  In our first 3 seasons, the weather has ALWAYS been dogshit for our first event of the year.  This time, however, the weather was beautiful...the golf though...still dogshit.  


A newbie to the chapter, Eric Carlson, took home the big check with a respectable 89 gross (95 Net).  Welcome to the MGA, Eric.  Now either drink more, or play worse...or a combo of both.  Irregardless, you'll be moving back a set of tees for our next tourney.  

A few other notable achievments:

Ben Edmundson took home ANOTHER gross trophy, congrats on winning the smallest trophy possible with a pretty solid 87 gross. 

Newbie Tom Bernardson takes home the long drive after spending 80% of his life lifting weights.

Newbie Tate Narr IS the most mediocre, landing right in the middle of the pack with a pretty ugly 106. 

Another newbie, Kevin Moore mellted down big time with a difference of 16 strokes from front to back.  

And finally, with the worst score in Twin Cities MGA history, Bob Ceniak puts up a beautiful 151 and will be playing from the red tees in the next event.  


The Bastards is in two weeks!  LFG!




Event Results

1.Eric Carlson95$1.12
2.Ben Edmundson96$0.68
2.Mark Rice96$0.68
4.John Hennes97$0.56
5.Rob DeGreeff98$0.47
5.Brian Carson98$0.47
7.PJ McCourtney99$0.37
8.Dylan Stenglein100$0.28
8.Jay Dittberner 100$0.28
10.Derek Spavin101$0.19
11.Tom Bernardson103$0.08
11.Jerome Anderson103$0.08
11.Ron Ellison103$0.08
14.Hayden Hanzen104$0.03
14.Jake Grones104$0.03
14.William Fremming 104$0.03
14.Romaine Fuller104$0.03
18.Tate Narr106$0.00
19.Benji Loren108$0.00
19.Kevin Moore108$0.00
19.Nick Jensen108$0.00
22.Tony Nesgooda109$0.00
22.Don Bolvin109$0.00
22.Mike McCauley109$0.00
25.Eric Ebsen110$0.00
26.Kevin Byrnes112$0.00
26.Keith Narr112$0.00
28.Jared Bronson115$0.00
29.Jason Saulsbury119$0.00
30.Bob Jaskowiak123$0.00
31.Matt Anderson124$0.00
32.William Zacharda129$0.00
33.Robert Cienik151$0.00
34.Lane LantisDNF$0.00

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