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Twin Cities 2024 MGA Championship Results

For the most part, we were able to dodge the raindrops and finished the 2024 TC MGA Championship at the beautiful Loggers Trail golf course.  


Mark Rice walks away victorious with a decent 87.


Brian Carson's gross 83 gets him the low gross.  His 7 penalty strokes nets him a 90, which was good enough for 2nd place.


First timer Cole Buhl wins longest drive. 

Miles Edmundson gets closet to the pin again.  

Bob Ceniak gets his 3rd straight key to the red tee with an impressive 126.



Event Results

1.Mark Rice87$1.35
2.Brian Carson90$0.90
3.PJ McCourtney91$0.75
4.Miles Edmundson93$0.68
5.Derek Spavin96$0.60
6.William Ferguson98$0.53
7.Cole Buhl101$0.45
8.Scott Maasch102$0.30
8.Dylan Stenglein102$0.30
8.Mike McCauley102$0.30
11.Tyler Peterfeso103$0.15
12.Jerome Anderson108$0.08
13.Hayden Hanzen110$0.07
14.Casey Ferguson111$0.05
15.Jared Bronson112$0.04
16.Ron Ellison114$0.02
17.Eric Ebsen115$0.00
18.Robert Cienik125$0.00

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