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Travis Strang continues dominance! Embarrasses rest of MGA.

The super mediocre golfer makes another course and tournament his bitch, winning his 3rd of the year and increasing his lead on the World Money List. Does anyone else even stand a chance? How many penalty strokes will it take to bring him back to the pack?

The OC MGA went on vacation to beautiful … and stupid hot … Palm Springs and brought along the Bratish Open. Medios once again proved they will go anywhere just to play golf. The skies were clear, the course was in great condition and everyone braved the 114° heat at Desert Willow Golf Resort. Being a true desert course, there were some great shots and a lot more lost balls.


The man, the myth and the growing legend continued his hot play by devouring the course with yet another even 80, his third of the season. At what point do we start questioning how many 80s someone can shoot? Even with six penalty strokes and playing from the blue tees, no one came close to challenging him as he earned $1.26 and the most coveted MGA trophy… the Juggs. He was seen fondling them before he even left the parking lot. A 3-way tie highlighted 2nd place with Tony Morales, Michael DeSio and guest Michael Masek all shooting 91 to take home 0.72 cents. All three had the brief moment of thinking there would be a playoff, but they were sadly mistaken. Continuing the theme was another 3-way tie for 5th place between Jeff Cline, Tom Alexander and Greg Valenzuela. They entered a respectable score of 92 to grab 0.49 cents each. Jeff and Tom even played from the blue tees so their group mate Jeff Cool wouldn’t feel alone. The nice guy award goes to…


Hot on their tails was a tie for 8th between Kenny Carlson and Matt Schmidt, both shooting 93 and pocketing 0.32 cents. The difference here is Matt had 5 penalty strokes. They sure bite you in the ass. Just squeezing into 10th place was Bobby Foster with a 94 who earned 0.21 cents. The heat affected him so much his shirt turned into a tank top and he looked like he could barely stand on the 18th green. Honorable mention goes to the final 3-way tie of the day with a score of 110. Sharing this “award” is Jamie Adams, Rik Patel and Will Orr. Rik was just happy to not get the Red Key.


In that heat, the ball was flying further and that couldn’t be more true for Jeff Cline who won the Long Drive from the blue tees. Did he really kill it or did everyone else just suck? We will never know.


The Kinda Close was taken in the last group by none other than Travis Strang. I guess winning the tournament just wasn’t enough.


Fred Valenzuela wins Most Mediocre with a 49/50 split. Now that’s consistent and definitely mediocre.


Phillip Valenzuela makes his triumphant return to steal the gross award from Travis Strang while shooting a 76. Yeah, that’s a DQ but he only wants the little trophy. He also takes home the 1st bonus stat with a whopping 11 greens in regulation. His prize was a divot fixer for obvious reasons.


Yet another tie occurs for the Melt Down Award. This dubious honor goes to Greg Valenzuela Sr. and guest Chad Ray. Luckily for their egos, it was only 6 strokes. Chad Ray also won the 2nd bonus stat with 8 lost balls. He won a sleeve of Pro-V1s for his sorrow.


Finally, a new contender entered the foray and immediately snatched the Red Key with a score of 120. His name is… Marshall Adams.


It was a fun round with lots of beer. Medios shanked, bladed, topped and sliced all over the course while avoiding the wild coyotes. A lot of bunkers were hit and some even retrieved balls out of the water. The next tournament will only get tougher though as we try to conquer Westridge Golf Club, known for its sloping fairways, on 8/22. Will Travis Strang do it again, this time with 8 penalty strokes? Or will a new champ be crowned? Does anyone else even want it? It is the largest payday of all the tournaments and has the best trophy to display on a shelf. Come on out to the FORE! Championship, but watch out for errant shots.

Event Results

1.Travis Strang86$1.26
2.Tony Morales91$0.72
2.Michael Masek91$0.72
2.Michael DeSio91$0.72
5.jeff cline92$0.49
5.Tom Alexander92$0.49
5.Greg Valenzuela92$0.49
8.Kenny Carlson93$0.32
8.Matt Schmidt93$0.32
10.Bobby Foster94$0.21
11.Jeff Cool95$0.14
12.Chad Ray96$0.07
13.Fred Valenzuela 99$0.06
14.Ivan Hernandez104$0.05
15.Charles Day106$0.04
16.Jamie Adams110$0.02
16.Rikin Patel110$0.02
16.Will Orr110$0.02
19.Greg Sr. Valenzuela116$0.00
20.Marshall Adams120$0.00
21.Phillip ValenzuelaDQ$0.00

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I’m only embarrassed FOR the MGA because an apparent Sandbagger is leading the GML while another one wears the belt. #notmychamps #takeourleagueback #fudbags