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Traffic Jams, Bad lies, and a Lonely Long Drive Marker. The Aiken MGA F.U. Open recap

Congratulations to Adam “bomb” Bates for the win at the F.U. Open, clipping another one making him the second back to back champion of the Aiken MGA Tour. In lieu of another picture of the camera shy champion holding the big check which was not taken. Here is a picture of the longest drive marker still sitting on the tee box of its designated hole. Why is the longest drive marker still on the tee box as the last group arrived?   The reason is because we had no long drive at all as none of the groups hit the fairway.  We turned the “kinda long” into the "kinda lonely" marker that should have not left the house apparently. 


They day stared with complete grid lock on the interstate from Aiken to Columbia as we hosted our first out of town event.  The Aiken Medios making the trip arrived just in time coming in hot on two wheels into the parking lot.  Warm up, who needs practice as AI said ,so we fell out the car and hit the first tee like the medios we are.  

Talk about a bad lie, this is one for the record books.  Most medios can barely get out of a bunker yet alone a paver stoned, concrete rimmed green but our boy Salley aka "feet would", made lemonade with this lemon lie.  Two complete whiffs and then a third contact getting on the green was the shot of the day.

Special thanks to the guests of this event from the Charleston Chapter Zach and Courtney Sloman that joined us.  We had three other guests that will not be named until they join the MGA and become members.   We had several chapter members unavailable for the tourney as they are rumored to be joining the Saudias backed league of the LIV ( little Caesars, I did it for the money, Vacating).  We would not blame them as they are giving away free pizza, huge checks worth dozens of US dollars and a shorter schedule  But we are happy to report, they just had other shit going on and are sticking with the MGA for the "legacy" of the tour that we all know, "money" can't buy.  

Closet to the pin, JT aka Justin Thomas who only had to hit a green to win it, but  congrats non the less. He and pops Joe also won the MOST mediocre shooting a 101.  We will let them fight it out for who retains the golden M.

Red Key belongs to Mr. Teddy "typey-{braket- bracket} Munsch to his dismay.   

Chapter leader Jeremy Wilson finished second place yet again, proving if your are not first, your are last.


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congratulation Adam. looks like you and i are the only ones who can scratch out a win in this league. that win had to move you to the top of the money leader board, but i'm going to try and knock you off that pedistal in July (if in fact you are on top of it). I look forward to getting back out there with y'all next month and look forward to a very mediocre round!!!