Chapter News

TLH-MGA S.H.I.T. Show v3.0 (a Fairytale in SouthWood)

Once upon a time, there was a an MGA chapter. They hailed from a great land of many hills (seven to be exact) and scorching heat. They dreamt of becoming great. They created new (often copied) traditions (#BreakfastofWinners) and sometimes exhuberant entrances (patriotic piccolo and drum). But one thing they did not possess, was the Florida Chapter Cup.... would 8/24/19 be the day this is corrected?

It was hot ya'll, like legit hot, not just florida hot... heat index got up to 119deg with heavy humidity. Also the course was playing TOUGH. Their lawnmower musta busted cous that rough was ROUGH. All in All 43 medios showed up, and surprisingly 43 survived. That enough should make everyone proud.


Friday night festivities at MadSo were a resounding success. A large portion of the out of towners showed up, a few TLH medios did too. Lots of beers were downed, Bubbles even got free drinks, no one knows how he does it.


When it was time to golf everyone was ready. the 5 participating chapters all fielded at least the minimum required of 3 members to be able to compete for the chapter cup. TLH came is as the heavy favorite with 22 participants. odds in paranthesis:

TLH - 23 medios (-350)

Tampa - 6 medios (+220)

Spring Hill - 6 medios (+700)

Fort Myers - 4 medios (+1100)

Pinellas - 4 medios (+1800)


Half way through the round, TLH got nervous, at one point, 3 Tampa medios were in the top 5. This was not going as planned. Thankfully, the OGs came to play. Fueled by booze and anger, 101 and your CL hunkered down and finished off a solid round to lock out any chance of an upset.

Now, the Florida man, thats another subject. Matt "101" Millar shot a 46/43, the guy balled, not even the best golfer in the TLH-MGA (Ian kawas is leading the ML, so he is obvi the best golfer) could keep up, that handsome fella shot 43/45 + 2 BULLSHIT penalty strokes (another story for another day).

So picture this, Matt is sitting in the club house, knows he beat the toughest SOB in the field by 1 (TLH-MGA CL), but the day is not done... there is another medio still grinding it out. with about 3 holes to play, Carl Canestrano (TPA) is in pole position, he just has to play the last 3 holes at +2 or better and he would be your 2019 Florida Man.

While everyone is hanging out waiting for the last few groups to trickle in, 101 is hitting refresh on the live scoring site for what feels like 45 mins (it was prob more, that group took their time)... not sure he ate anything, also not sure ive seen someone that nervous, ever. Winning this would redeem so many past digressions... HE NEEDED THIS

Unfortunately for Carl, he was finishing his round on one of the toughest holes in tallahassee. Hole #15 at Southwood has claimed many golf rounds, today was no exception. All Carl needed was a bogie for a share of the lead, unfortunately, he dubbed it he finished at a respectable 45/44 +1. Good enough to tie for second place.

After party was roudy, id recount what happened, but all i remember was picking my car (a Tesla, yeah its an awesome ride, if you have the means you def should jump on it, plus its great for the enviroment, i hate how our addiciton to oil has affected our souls.... OHH did i mention it was Also the TLH-MGA Douchebag invite?) at Corner Pocket the following day.

All of the TLH-MGA would like to thank EVERYONE who showed up from out of town, we know its not easy driving that 4-6 hours just to sweat your ass off, but we sincerely hope you all had as much fun as we did.

For DB invite results and other winners, check out that page, I'm way past my max word length for these things.


As Always, thanks to our sponsors, FTT! Madison Social was blast!