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TLH-MGA - The S.H.I.T. Show v3.0

S.H.I.T. Show v3.0 is nearing... are you ready?

TLH-MGA is honoered and hyped to be hosting this event. Our members have been talking about whooping the other Florida chapters all year. TLH CL may have even made some threats to the members if they dont win. And trust me, he enjoys following through on his threats.

Current itinerary is as follows (this goes for anybody playing, from TLH or otherwise):

-Friday night:
Madison Social around 7pm. This is an awesome bar near the stadium with great food (and a sponsor!).

shutgon start at 10:45am, award ceremony and dinner afterwards at the club house. we have to be out of there by 7pm (they double booked a member daddy daughter dance that night... cant make this shit up).
After the award ceremony, the party moves on the Corner Pocket. a local Dive bar that will be hosting a Tallahassee ESPN annual event that night. If you think youll be hitting up CP after the golf, make sure click on this link and sign up (of you are one of the first 200 registered, you get a free pint!). if you dont sign up, not an issue, you can still head over.

Remember. regsitration closes on monday 8/19. also make sure to prepay using the link on the event page.

see you all next weekend!!


G1   G2   G3   G4   G5   G6
1. Barry Robinson   1. Tom Wilkes   1. Joe Carideo   1. Phil W   1. Sean Hart   1. Tom L
2. Barry Rose   2. Bob B   2. Brian D   2. Steven H   2. Keith G   2. James T
3. Matt M   3. Chris Adams   3. Dustin H   3. Pete Bedell   3. Jeremy C   3. Nick M
4. Ian K   4. Janis Dunaway   4. Mike Robin   4. Bill Schack   4. Ariel Rodriguez   4. Mike Nowak
G7   G8   G9   G10   G11    
1. Joseph Laukaitis   1. Joe P   1. Joel W   1. Matt N   1. Troy McNeal    
2. Ryan Fredericks   2. Chris L   2. Timothy Gunn   2. Donald Nogiewich   2. Scott W    
3. John Montagnino   3. Carl Canestrano   3. Joey StG   3. Peter F   3. Jamie VP    
4. Bill F   4. Randy Dunaway   4. Bill Cusick       4. Dan P    


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Panel Of Experts (2)


I need to bring extra strength sunglasses to block the color-emitting socks of Joey "The Sock Collector". Looks to be a strategic move by Ian to slow down one of TPA MGA's most mediocre players.

something tells me you are gonna get a super classy version of JSG tomorrow.