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TLH-MGA FU Open 2022

Stars and Stripes (check), red/white/blue (check), flags (check), decorated carts (check), ducks with questionable sunglasses (check).

Another FU in the books. Unfortunately, this writeup wont be all that detailed for a few reasons:

A) my memory of what happened this morning is hazy, let alone 10 days ago
B) still recuperating from the heat
C) this being the first write up in months/yearss, my fingers aren't used to the typing, this is a struggle.


Enough about me (let's be honest, with me, it's always about me). The heat scared some medios away, the lunatics who showed up seemed to have a blast (could have been a side effect of heat stroke).

The event started off with a boom boom, i mean a Bang, i mean a smoke show. A true Master of his craft, Brett "Boom Boom" Dennis wowed the crowd on hand with purple smoke bombs. We were assured of the environmentally safe nature of these overstocked Chinese smoke grenades. Im sure the people at the Southwood pool are still recovering.

Another unique feature of this event, the CL decided to listen and grant every pairing request that came his way. This was a one time deal to be followed up with a much more sustainable pairings format for future events.

So what happened in the event? leaderboard was tight, really tight. Brewster was the early club house leader with a net 89, the heat and conditions made that a tough number to hit, JSG and Ian made a valiant effort, but both choked in their own unique ways to trail by 1 with a net 90.

Thankfully, the last group was a solid 45mins behind pace, this allowed Brewster so much time to hit refresh countless times on scrolf while Larry Higginbotham finished up his round. Larry was not deterred... the thought of a 6 hour round as the last pairing did not affect his game, he pulled up a massive up and down on 18 to par out and win with a net 88. Impressive showing... next time lets just speed up that pace ;).

JoeP won yet another gross award.. official TLH-MGA historians are still counting and verifying if this is in fact his 20th. Should have that tallied up by the 2023 FU, promise. 

Most mediocre was split between 2 medios, JenBen and TLang were as mediocre as it gets. Special congrats to JenBen for a new PR, beating her lowest MGA round by 5 strokes. 96 ain't nothing to sneeze at, before we know it shell be playing from the back tees. 

Florida man melted down, along with half the chapter.

closest went to 2nd place finisher Jonathan Brewster.

DRuds drive on 16 was mountainesque (but not as long), enough to win long drive.

124 was not only what the temp felt like, its also what won John (BDJ) Daugherty the red key.

Another successful FU in the books. Get your kilts ready for the bratish.

Event Results

1.Larry Higginbotham 88$1.35
2.Jonathan Brewster89$0.90
3.Joey St. Germain90$0.71
3.Ian Kawas90$0.71
5.Garrett Higginbotham91$0.56
5.Chris Klein91$0.56
7.Joe "DIRT" Piotrowski93$0.41
7.Nicholas Rohde 93$0.41
9.Lord Daniel Piotrowski95$0.26
9.Scott Woods95$0.26
11.Jennifer Bendfelt96$0.15
12.Bob Birken97$0.08
13.Tom Lang98$0.07
14.Darryl Rudell99$0.05
15.Joel Webb100$0.04
16.Ron Reid103$0.02
17.Peter Ford104$0.00
18.Steve Hiraga105$0.00
18.Nicky Mazzara105$0.00
20.Wayne Wallace 109$0.00
21.Bill Schack110$0.00
22.Paul Shipley111$0.00
23.Dustin Heintz112$0.00
24.Matt Nelson114$0.00
25.Brett Dennis116$0.00
26.Bill Shipley121$0.00
27.John Daugherty124$0.00
29.Garrett HooperDNF$0.00
29.Buddy WallaceDNF$0.00

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