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TLH-MGA F.U. Open 2019

Where to start.... 2019 FU open was memorable... at least from what i can remember, i blacked out half way due to heat/humidity related dehydration.

June in Tallahassee... for those of you that dont know, Tallahassee is North Florida, where the swamp meets the south, every once and a while we get a breeze from the gulf, during the summer though, can't depend on that to save you. It was hot, it was humid... most medios were already drenched before ever teeing off. One even mentioned if it was good that he had stopped sweating... ("it wasn't", narrator).

But most of us chose to live here... so thats on us... anyway, lets get to the golf.... ohhh and something interesting happened at the awards ceremony... more on that later..


The FU has consistently been the most lopsided event in the TLH-MGA (ave margin of victory is 6.2 strokes, compared to next closest, bastards, at 3.2), this year proved no different. it was a 2 horse race for most of the day. A few others got close, but failed miserably, the heat won a lot of battles.

Noob Jamie VP was on fire, guy posted a 42/45 for an adjusted total of 90 (87+3)... given the conditions, that should be a winner, but not today.

JSG, local buisness owner and famed podcast host (mediocre happy hour, MHH, check em out, they need the downloads), was in the same foursome as JVP... he dunked on him by posting a 40/41 for an adjusted total of 82 (81+1). Really, he dunked on all of us (but specially on MHH cohost Matt "101" millar and Joel "piggybear" Webb, but you'll have to listen to the MHH to find out why).

guy won by 8 strokes, you'd think that would be the highlight of his day... more on that LATER.

The rest of the awards are as follows:

Most Mediocre - Bill F (hey, better than the red key!)

Meltdown - Phil (guy shot a 45 in the front, meltdown was a sure thing)

Long drive - Chris Klein (still under protest)

closest - Nicky Mazz (nothing to say, guy is a baller)

RED KEY (aka BogusKey) - Drew H (a few more of these and well have to rename this award in honor of Drew)

For all you Non Chapter-Leaders, we have a lot of small things to worry about to make sure these events are a success. I mean, its HARD work, the pay should be 2x or 3x what it currently is. Amongst the many knick-knacks a CL has to bring with him is the "bronze" ticket envelopes. For the uninitiated, when a member wins any event, he gets to pick from an group of unopened envelope (each CL gets 8 every year). 2 envelopes in the entire MGA contain "Bronze tickets". The lucky SOBs who find sed "bronze tickets" get their room and golf paid for at this years MGAWC (roughly 650$ value).

Most CLs are more annoyed than excited by this, its just something more we have to bring with us. And with roughly 0.3% chance that our chapter even has a "bronze ticket" whats the point.

TLH-MGAs CL had forgotten to bring the allotted envelopes to the previous 3 events. He was reminded, multiple times, before this event to bring them all, there we would have a Magical 4 envelope opening... and magical it was.

take a look at the attached video at the bottom of this article....

Event Results

1.Joey St. Germain84$1.35
2.Jamie Van Pelt 90$0.90
3.Allen Ball91$0.75
4.Joel Webb95$0.68
5.Ian Kawas96$0.53
5.Nick Mazzara96$0.53
5.Matt Millar96$0.53
8.Kurt Woodward97$0.38
9.Tom Lang98$0.26
9.Bob Birken98$0.26
11.Bill Fredericks100$0.10
11.Brian Dunn100$0.10
11.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski100$0.10
14.Phil Willette102$0.05
15.Brian Wilder104$0.03
15.Chris Leighty104$0.03
15.Scott Woods104$0.03
18.Joe "DIRT" Piotrowski105$0.00
18.Dustin Heintz105$0.00
20.Bogus Biniek107$0.00
20.Chris Klein107$0.00
22.Ron Reid110$0.00
23.Drew Hildebrand111$0.00

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Man, this was going so well aaaannnnd then no video. Ugh

I retract my previous statement. It’s wonderful KG