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TLH-MGA FORE 2019 - Power Ranks

Despite the moniker, Tallahassee MediocreGA can get quite competitive, and not just at golf.  I will resist the urge to revisit last year's Rivals Power Rankings as it almost led to a sibling rivalry escalating into a sibling cage match.  The beauty of the TLH MGA is that its members all bring something unique to the table that, until now, was hard to quantify.  With the wide acceptance of advanced statistics and how they can show us sides of sports we never knew existed, let's take a look at how these tools can help us rank this week's field.

t10. Strokes gained: bourbon  Chris Leighty has been making steady progress at keeping his score below 110.  After the death of a Jim Beam distillery recently, Chris may find motivation to crack double digits.
t10. Strokes lost: steam   Here's my quandary.  By even mentioning this players name, do I create more steam?  Followed by both having that steam directed at me and causing Bob to steam pre-tournament, therefore worsening his chances of victory on Saturday?  It's too dangerous to risk, he'll remain unnamed.
t9. Proximity to 19th hole   No matter where Uber Phil or 101 are on the course, they're closer than you are to the 19th.  No need to even attempt getting closer, they're already there.
8. Trophies lost: clearing the hips   One day Bill Fredricks is going to clear the hips for 85 consecutive strokes and he will hoist his first big check over his massive shoulders.
7. Par avoidance   Dustin Heintz continues to lead the pack in this category, masterfully keeping his ball away from the bottom of the jar with any attempt at par.
6. Trophies lost: playoffs   It still hurts.
5.  Missed fairways %   You don't go around with a name like Scott Woods and not expect to live among the trees.  Luckily Scott will have plenty of time for that in the heavily forested and aptly named, Country Oaks.
4. Strokes gained: Named after golf equipment   It's only a matter of time before Allen Ball doesn't choke away a big check.  His only competition? Scott Woods.
3. Streaks: consecutive tournaments played   Since the 2016 World Championship Joey St. Germain has played every event held.  This is probably the most powerful strategy for winning tournaments; just showing up.  As we've seen, pretty much any warm body can win one of these things.
2. VORG (value over replacement golfer)   Do yourself a favor and play one round with Piggy Bear.  It's impossible to have a bad time.  Unfortunately only 3 golfers per tournament get that opportunity so count yourself lucky if you're one of the few this weekend.

1. Streaks: consecutive top 5s  CL Ian Kawas has done an excellent job of avoiding the tips by skillfully throttling back on the final holes as to avoid having to carry around a trophy or big check.  This week they all take a round trip in the Tesla.