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TLH-MGA 2020 season recap.... The Goat debate is over

I can see it now, 30 years into the future, TLH-MGA medios will look back at the 2020 and wonder WTF. HOW did we let this happen? Did we become complacent? This "thing" dominated our lives for months. we couldnt escape it. It's possible this is the turning point in our society, and we will improve, be better because of this. The Corona virus sucked too, but Millar taking over the Reigns as the TLH-MGA GOAT by winning 3 of the last 5 events of the season (including the bastards and bratish).... This changed everything.

The last time we did an update, the race for TLH-MGA GOAT was still in doubt. After the 2020 Bratish, Matt "101" Millar had 8 big checks, JSG and Aussie had 7 big checks each, Ian rounded out the top 4 with 6 wins. Millar had a slight edge with more Majors than anyone else, but JSG made it interesting by Winning the following event to equal Matts 8 wins...

**The FORE 2020 was held at Cap City, nice and steamy day. I honestly don't remember much, but I do remember the putt-off... OG's took down another win after JSG beat noob Jonathan Brewster. Not the first time an OG beats a noob in a putt-off in 2020, just sayin'. It was later reported that Millar watched the putt-off on facetime while driving his family from a weekend beach trip. Was it safe? NO. Smart? def not. But it musta done something to light a fire under his ass, cous he came out firing at the following event, the 2020 DB invite.

**The DB was held at Summerbrooke, same venue as the bratish 7 weeks prior, another event millar won. since he skipped the FORE he had to play from the tips. Long story short, he won it. Only the second time in TLH-MGA history someone has won from the tips. This was a HUGE win for 101. It put any thoughts of an OG curse to bed. The OGs are here and are not going away, no matter how many live chickens JoeP sacrifices. Also, it gave Millar his 9th big check, separating him from JSG. 

Then came The Last Gasp.


It's important to note, up until the 2020 last gasp, the last true noob to win an event was JoeP on 7/8/18. Since then it's been all OGs. Here is the list of champs from 7/9/18 to 7/26/20 :

Bob, the Rose curse, JSG, 101, pig, JSG, Mazz, Hiraga, 101, Aussie, Team USA, pig, Ian, pig, 101, JSG, 101

This wasn't just dominance, it was much more humiliating than that. The prophecies spoke of a "Noob Prince Who Was Promised". He would break through the curse started at the 2019 Seminole Cup and bring the Noobs back to the promise land. But he was no where to be found.... OG win after OG win, the noobs started to come up with outlandish curses, hoping one would stick. They didnt.

**But then came the 2020 Last Gasp.

Held at Southwood, the prophecy came true. A true noob broke through and took down a big check... something that hadn't happened in over 2 years. Jeremy "Noob Prince" Cohen won that event by 2 strokes while having to fend off 3 OGs that finished top 5. 

Tip of the Hat to Jeremy, the first win is always the hardest and he earned it. Plus his back must still be hurting him from having to carry the weight of 20+ noobs. 

Due to these unprecedented times, the Bastards (which was originally supposed to happen in april) was moved til the end of the season. Cap City hosted once again (coincidentally, the CLs home club). This event i do remember, it was tight. 3 strokes separated first place from 8th. The leaderboard kept swinging back and forth all day.

After 12 holes it looked like Keith "doesnt live in tally" Gubat was going to pull it off. He'd take home his first big check, and the trucker hat. Would have been a cinderalla finish to a storied TLH-MGA career. If he quit golf after winning the 2020 TLH-MGA Bastards, we'd all understand, but he didn't win (or quit golf).

Chris Klein was up next, he grabbed a hold of the lead for a handful of holes... But the trucker hat was a bit too slippery, a double on 18 pushed him down to a net 90, along with 2 other medios. Their only hope was a triple from MM on 18 and a bogie from Ian (both in the final group of the day) to at least force a playoff. Ian did his job, he bogied 18, leaving a 4 way tie up top... however, millar sunk his final tap-in putt to save double and give him the solo lead by one stroke to end the round. 

We can rehash how many times Millar got lucky that sunday, it really was crazy. Balls miraculously came back in bounds after going 40 ft into the woods, duck hooks hit the edges of cart paths and bounced 180degrees into the fairway. it was some epic shit. Not sure what deal 101 cut with the Devil, but I assure you, the Devil got hustled.

2020 marks the 7th season of TLH-MGA action. Thats 56 Total tournaments. No longer a "small" sample size. We already know Matt "101" Millar is the GOAT, its gonna take a lot of work to move him off the top spot. With that said, I present to you the candidates for the TLH-MGA Mt Rushmore :

TIER 1 - The GOAT:

Matt "101" Millar - 45 event played, 10 wins, 6 Majors, 20 top 3s, tied for the highest $/event in the league, 4th in total money earned


TIER 2 - Locks, spots 2 and 3:

Joey "JSG" St Germain - 54 events played, 8 wins, 3 Majors, 34 top 5s, first in total money earned at $27.55

Ian "CL" Kawas - 52 events, 6 wins, 3 Majors, 30 Top 5s, second in total money earned $25.43


TIER 3 - Contenders for the 4th spot:

Nicky "Nicky Mazz" Mazzara - 46 event played, 4 wins, 26 top 5s, 3 Majors, tied for the $/event lead with 101, 3rd in total money earned

Bob "Bobby" "Birk" "fairway bob" Birken - 47 events played, 4 wins, 28 top 5s, 2 Majors, 5th in total money earned

Pete "aussie" Ford - 43 events played, 7 wins, 19 top 5s, 3 Majors, 6th in total money earned


The Top 3 spots and locked in, the fourth is up for debate. Mazz, Bob and Pete all have very valid claims, and theres another medio breathing down their neck, Joel "Pig" Webb has won 3 events in 2 years and 2 in 2020 alone. if this pace keeps up hell be in the discussion with for the Mt Rushmore of the TLH-MGA. 

This list will be ever evolving, it's not meant to be static. MJ was once considered the Best Basketball Player EVER, now we know for a fact that's no longer true. Somewhere, there may be a Noob reading this and getting motivated enough to work on his 2 putts, maybe learn how to keep his driver in bounds, and limit his or hers chunk chips to 5 per round... maybe they will be the ones to join the group above. Maybe, but theyll have to get past a whole bunch of OGs in the process.

cous all we do is win.

Player Total Money total $/event Wins win % 2nd Top 3 Top 5 top5 % Majors
JSG $27.55 54 $0.51 8 0.1481 9 24 34 0.6296 3
Ian $25.43 52 $0.49 6 0.1154 9 19 30 0.5769 3
Nicky Mazz $23.98 46 $0.52 4 0.087 8 16 26 0.5652 3
Millar $23.38 45 $0.52 10 0.2222 6 20 24 0.5333 6
Bob $23.08 47 $0.49 4 0.0851 5 19 28 0.5957 2
Pete $21.48 43 $0.50 7 0.1628 5 12 19 0.4419 3



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I love you guys

I’ll probably be in a nursing home 30 years from now and probably won’t even remember living in Tallahassee, Florida! lol So I’ll say it now. The MGA Tour is awesome and I love all you guys and the gals! This year Ian can’t send me to CA or a gnat infested NC solar swamp before our tournaments, so look out for “The Turk”