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TLH-MGA 2020 - 3/8ths recap! OGs continue dominating...

quick recap of what has happened since I did one of these:

- Aussie won the Last Gasp 2019 (kinda breaking the OG streak, but in reality, Pete is 1/2 OG...)

- THE Chapter Leader won the 2019 Money title... what an accomplishment!

- After 27 wonderful holes at gaither national golf club, the noobs won the only tournament they are allowed to win, the seminole cup...

- JWebb (Piggy) and Matt Millar boat raced the field to capture the Am-Am 2020 title, Piggy also took home the big check

- A pandemic hit

- murder hornets

- States open up, cous we beat the pandemic! :-)

- The BLM movement

- THE Chapter Leader won the 2020 MGA championships (born winner)

- Pandemic is back! :-(

- Piggy captures his second title of the year taking down the 2020 FU Open.



This wont be a blow by blow recap of the last 10 months. a) my memory is not that good... b) theres a reason i haven't done this in 10 months, im lazy. so please forgive me if this recap is mostly centered on what i remember.

first up: 2019 Last gasp! Our Fearless leader had a massive $ lead on the field, the only way he would not win the title was if he placed worse than 12th and Matt "101" Millar won the whole thing... Ian played terribly! as a matter fact, since you asked, it was his worst MGA round april of 2016... but it didn't matter. Millar didnt win.

Peter Ford won by a convinving 3 strokes over eternal bridesmaid JVP (more on that later).


Next Up, the 2020 Am-Am :

(skipping the seminole cup, since i/we didn't win, or i honeslty cant remember much of it, grats noobs)

no pictures of this event, solar flare must have deleted them from the database... it is 2020 afterall.

From what i remember, Pig and Millar destroyed everyone. probably the largest margin of victory in an Am-Am in TLH-MGA history. Pig claimed his first title of 2020 (3rd overall). Greens at Cap City rolled true...

2020 MGA:

stupid 'Rona forced us to change up the schedule. powers that be decided to move the bastards to the end of the year to match what the less mediocre PGA is doing. so once we felt "safe" enough to socially distance and meet up with 20 of our closest friends, we decided to restart the TLH-MGA season.

A few newbies to welcome in, Jenn Benn and Big Dog made their TLH-MGA debut at this event. they fit right in. Welcom aboard.

Southwood hosted this wonderful event.. course was playing tough, like really tough. only the MOST MEDIOCRE golfer in the TLH-MGA would be able to claim this big check.

After 18 holes, there was a tie. Ian Kawas (fearless leader) and JVP were headed to a tie breaker. after a hard fought battle at the southwood practive green, After a 21 event drought (including 2 MGAWCs), Ian took down the title, his second MGA championships, his 6th overall win. JVP had to settle for 2nd, which was a shame since he is playing some awesomely mediocre golf. This was his 3rd top 3 finish in 6 events played.

Lastly, the 2020 FU open:

So funny thing about this one, i wasn't there. it's the first TLH-MGA event i've completely missed. Had a 'Rona scare and was waiting on results from the test ('Rona negative as of 7/1/20, WOOOO!). it seems like everyone had a good time though!

Piggy took down another big check, his second of the year and 4th overall. I may get someone who was at the event to write up a quick recap, if that happens i'll add it here:


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of bogey.


After single handedly winning the war against the British, Piggy Bear Rose Up and built a huge lead on the field after playing holes 10-15 at Killearn at 1 under. From there, ravaged by heat and Fireball, Piggy limped across the finish line but not before winning his second tournament this year and saving many a liver by not chugging the entire bottle of rose.


Tip of the Hat #1: To Allen Ball and his second place after another strong outing.

Tip of the Hat #2: To Jeremy Cohen. He had a chance to force a playoff with a birdie on 18, but will have to settle for another Top 3 at Killearn.

Tip of the Hat #3: Mr. DQ (Joe P) celebrated his birthday with a smooth 39-37 while taking down and distributing a copious amount of Jell-O shots.


The Awards (The Chapter Leader currently holds all of these trophies as the awards ceremony was cut short due to impending rain)

Long Drive: Mr. DQ

Closet to the Pin: Brian Dunn wins after putting his approach 2 feet from the hole

Low Gross: Mr. DQ

Red Tee: Jenn Ben

Meltdown: T Lang

Most Mediocre: B Dunn, Chris K, and Dan P all tied for most mediocre. Rather than randomly assigning a winner of this award, a two-man sack race will be held on consecutive Sundays until a most mediocre can be crowned.


As Always, thanks to our Sponsor For The Table. Specially in tough times like these, Township/MadSo are doing awesome stuff. They've been great to the TLH-MGA, we need to make sure we support them back!