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Tipton Earns his 2nd Major of the Year

The Knoxville MGA held their 5th annual Bratish Open at Tennessee National Golf Club. Yet once again playing thru a bit of rain in the beginning of the tournament, damn TN weather! Tommie’s start on hole #1 wasn’t his finest….as he topped his driver with it going about 25 yards, he then did the same thing on hole #2, as this one went a little farther as it hit the water skipped out on the fairway and then rolled back into the water! Good luck and bad luck at the same time on the same hole! Daniel’s tee shot on hole #2 never got above 3 inches above the water, hit the bank and carried another 70 yards to find the fairway. Hole #6 had Sean in the high weeds, he did chip out onto the green to par the hole, about the only good shot he would hit on the day as David Keener became a grandpa on hole #13 and the liquor was flowing, so much that Bill Hickman missed two keys putts on that hole due to looking up Sean’s kilt! Korey Whitlock and Bill Hickman were both in the pot bunkers, roughly six and half feet deep, both getting out and onto the green to then bogey out the holes! Dave Ashburn did some site seeing as he saw the whole course earning himself his 2nd red key of the season! The Meltdown award would go to Jason Pruitt, as he shot a 42 on the front and a stellar 57 on the back with a plus 15! That might be a Knoxville record…..nevertheless he earned a shot in the Book of Meltdown! The Champ on the day was Fred Tipton….earning himself his 1st set of jugs! Also, this was his second major on the year!  



Event Results

1.Fred Tipton91$1.26
2.Rick Thompson94$0.77
2.Van Heflin94$0.77
4.Mark Love95$0.60
4.Dave Keener95$0.60
6.Allen Aldridge 96$0.49
7.Brandon Grooms98$0.42
8.Garry Weaver 99$0.35
9.Brad Loveless 100$0.25
9.Jason Pruitt100$0.25
11.Scott Norman101$0.14
12.Korey Whitlock102$0.07
12.Jason Bowers102$0.07
14.Justin Paul103$0.05
15.Sean Fay105$0.04
16.Kevin Ernsberger106$0.02
16.Daniel Tabor106$0.02
16.Brandon Wise106$0.02
19.Tommie Cansler107$0.00
19.Bill Hickman107$0.00
21.Will Hedley108$0.00
22.Austin Karmue111$0.00
23.Patrick Stambaugh114$0.00
24.Eric Schindler115$0.00
24.Daniel Vass115$0.00
26.Doug Lauderdale118$0.00
27.David Ashburn121$0.00
28.Scott McCartyDNF$0.00