Chapter News

Team Murder Hornets for the Win

With a whole lot of buzz between the teams at this years Am-Am, the murder hornets flew in and killed them all. The team of Chuck/Eugene tied the team of Rich/Will, but delivered the killer sting in the putt-off to take thew win. Eugene also came away with the "BIG" chaeck, launching him into first place in the chapter money list. All other teams were real close, including the team of Skip/Sheffield who would have won if BOTH didn't shooting in the mid 70's.

Burger got super freaking greedy and won both L.D. and Clossest. Adam was truely most Mediocre today. "Shorthair" Robinson was the ultimate Meltdown winner and for the second time in a row Pat won himself another Red Key.

Skip, although D.Q,ing for shooting a 76 and helping his team to take themselves out of contention, was awarded the Very tiny gross award.