Chapter News

Taylor MGA's Inaugural Beach AM-AM

The brand new chapter in the White Mountains of Arizona kicked it off with a cold crappy morning with 18 of the "greatest" mediocre golfers. We had some big winners with David O. bringing in the big check money carrying his team mate Lil Willie to the team victory. Papa Frank came in being the "most" mediocre of our crew while Patrick gained himself the convenant red key. 

Event Results

1.David Ontiveros87$1.12
2.Will Rivera90$0.74
4.Brandon Todd96$0.50
4.Bret Culpepper96$0.50
4.Jake Cochran96$0.50
7.Rufus Ward102$0.37
8.Russell Ward105$0.31
9.Keil Strommen107$0.25
10.Frank Rivera112$0.19
11.Will Popovich115$0.12
12.Sean McKenna117$0.06
13.Shannon Rivera122$0.05
13.Patrick Kennedy122$0.05
15.Kristalynn Hetrick125$0.03
16.Allison Ward132$0.02
16.Kelsie Strommen132$0.02
18.Bethany McKenna139$0.00